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A psychiatrist is a medical professional who diagnoses and treats mental illnesses or disorders such as insomnia, depression, alcoholism, dementia, anxiety disorder and panic disorder just to name a few. The best psychiatrist like Dr. Shashi Bhushan is well skilled in treating the patients with mental issues. If you are facing any mental issues in Rohini Sector 24, Delhi then you can reach us at the soonest to get yourself treated.
The process of treatment

  • Learning about the history- The first and foremost step that our psychiatrist takes towards treating a patient is to have a talk therapy. In this therapy, the doctor tries to know about the history of the patient, about his/her family members, friends, colleagues and all the other people who are a part of patient’s life. Through this, the doctor endeavors to know about where actually the problem lies and what is the main mental issue that the patient is facing. Also, he tries to get information on whether the patient is having healthy relations with all or he/she is having mental trauma. Usually, the patients reaching a psychiatrist are depressed due to failure in love, recognition in family and rejection by the peer group. Thus, the doctor will make every possible effort to gain a deep insight into the patient’s mental problem.
  • Duration & severity of the illness- After knowing about the history and what the issue is, Dr. Shashi Bhushan then tries to know about the duration of the illness. The longer the duration of the illness, more will be the sittings of the treatment. Also, the treatment will be based on the severity of the mental disease. In this phase, the doctor will decide whether the patient is to be admitted in the hospital or can be cured in sittings.
  • Choosing the treatment plan- After analyzing all the aspects and status of the mental health of the patient, our psychiatrist will choose the most suitable treatment plan. If the disease is severe then he will call you frequently for the sittings and your medication would also be probably high. He will make you aware of your mental issue clearly without hiding anything from you. Also, once the treatment will start, you will be kept under observation to see how your body is responding to the treatment. Accordingly, the treatment will be continued or altered, if needed.

In addition to this, the clinic of Dr. Shashi Bhushan is equipped with all the necessary medical tools and equipment of the cutting-edge technology to treat the patients in the best possible manner. Since he has 19 years of experience in the medical industry, he guarantees absolute success in the treatment. As a patient, if you wish to know about the doctor, you can reach our clinic, talk to our psychotherapist and we are sure that you will not be left disappointed.
Therefore, you should not wait any further. Get your mental illness treated at the right time in order to prevent future troubles in your life. Reach us at Rohini Sector 24, Delhi and live a normal healthy life. Take care!

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