Ways to Overcome Depression Naturally

Ways to Overcome Depression Naturally

Depression can set in anytime and anywhere. People suffering from depression may look normal, but they have a lot going on in their lives. Once depression sets it makes the person feel helpless and moody. You may have medical treatment, with it you can also try and fight it naturally before you go on to … Read more

उदासीपन तथा उसके उपचार

मैं एक psychiatrist होने के नाते बहुत ही साधारण बीमारी के बारे में बात करना चाहूँगा। आप सभी लोग आजकल एक महामारी के प्रचलन होने के कारण काफी परेशानी के दौर से गुजर रहे होंगे। सभी व्यक्ति एक असाधारण तथा अनिश्चितता के दौर से गुजर रहा है। साधारण लोग का सारा काम काज बंद हो … Read more

Things You Can Do To Overcome Depression

2020 There’s no specific reason of feeling depressed, different things can trigger depression. But, when you are in depression you feel like you will never be able to come out from the dark shadow of it. Nothing affects you anymore, you have lost interests in activities and your thoughts kill you from inside. Right from … Read more