8 Simple Ways to Fight Depression Naturally

The feeling of helplessness, emptiness is often associated with the state of depression. It can, not only leave you feeling drained of energy, but also fills you with the feeling of emptiness and leaves you fatigued. Visiting a psychiatrist can help you recover faster. As many people consider it to be taboo they don’t find enough strength to seek professional help.

If you are strong-willed, then simple natural tips can help you find your way back to normal life. When Manish, 30, found that what he is facing is depression he was hesitant to reach out to the psychiatrist for help. Society may pose a threat in some cases, but you need to overcome it.

Here, are a few ways in which you can overcome depression on your own.

Ways to Fight Depression Naturally

Accept your condition

Depression is a common phenomenon. Millions are affected by this disorder but not everyone is able to accept this reality even if face similar circumstances as any other person. With this disorder, every day is different with a variety of challenges and obstacles. They go through a plethora of emotions but find it hard to accept the reality.

One must take care of their mental health and come to accept their situation. They need to understand their situation is not a permanent one and will change with time. with self-treatment, you can overcome depression to some extent. Accepting that you have depression is the first step to getting out of depression. Love yourself.

Don’t hide your emotions but do something constructive out of it

Many of us suppress our feelings and try to hide them from others. This may seem like the best strategic way to fight depression but in the long run, it may be unhealthy for you.

Having a bad day, then let it out. Feel the emotions flowing through you and let the emotions out. Try to come out of it once you do so. Scribble down your feelings, this will surely help in lifting your spirits. When we are depressed, we are often engulfed by negative thoughts. Once you have written them down, they tend to leave your body in a whoosh.

Noticing the swing of depressive symptoms can help you in self-assessment that brings hope.

Tomorrow, things will change

Whatever emotions, feelings, thoughts you are facing today won’t be there tomorrow. Things will change.

Use self-affirmations to tell yourself that activities that you could not accomplish today will be completed tomorrow. You still have tomorrow to complete your work. Once you accept this it becomes easy to get out of the depressed state.

Tomorrow will give you a fresh start.

Try to pick right out of the wrongs

Sometimes we are left perturbed by the small event. We recollect those negative memories more than focusing on the right things. Instead of looking at the bright side of the coin, people facing depression tend to worry about the wrong side. So, at the time of reminiscing, we focus more on one thing that went wrong rather than a lot more things that went right.

So, to come out of the depression it is important to stop overgeneralization and recognize the good part. It is better to write the positivity that may be hidden behind that bad event.

Visit orphanages and old age homes

When we are depressed we often think that we are the only unfortunate ones left in the whole wide world. Visiting an old age or orphanage can change that outlook of yours. It will benefit you in two ways:

  • It will help you realize how lucky you are to be born with so many positive things
  • Doing a good deed can fill you with positivity instantly.

Bring them some eatables and spend some time with them and you will be a changed person when you come out of there.

Try to deviate your mind

Fighting depression is not an easy task. You may not like anything anymore. You may feel like staying put at home. To overcome this situation, you must try to do the opposite of what you feel.

Listen to music (not the gloomy ones), buy some plants, start gardening, paint (you don’t need paper, paint your emotions on the wall). These are some of the ways to revive your interests. The main motive is to deviate your mind from everything negative going around you.

Build a pseudo world

Create your own happy bubble that will help you stay in bliss. It is evident that the person suffering from depression is not happy with the present scenario. Try to change that in your pseudo world.

Train your mind that everything will turn upright, all you need is some time. in this false world, you must start with ignoring what negativity is surrounding you. Focus on the positive to stay motivated.

Set attainable goals

Finally, after Manish reached out to the psychiatrist for help he was made to write his condition with why he felt depressed. This small activity helped him realize what made him depressed.

You don’t want a long list of goals to achieve positivity. Compile two lists; one with short term goals and the second with a long-term one. Smaller goals will include:

  • De-cluttering your space
  • Clear your mails
  • Prepare food for the family, etc.

For long-term one’s:

  • Go on trip
  • Get a job
  • Complete a course

Once you complete the goals you will find confidence-building within you. Short-term goals will give you the strength to reach out for long-term goals. With every achievement, you will overcome the word depression faster.

Final Word

According to the best psychiatrist in Delhi, the inner strength of a person is bigger than any medicine. Psychiatrists treat the patients who are dealing with depression by talking to them and understanding their problems. If they are self-motivated they can overcome this state easily. Medication is always a last resort. Fighting depression won’t be easy but it is never impossible.

About Anxiety Disorder –Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Feeling anxious when you are going to give an interview, moving to a new place, etc. is normal. Sometimes it becomes beneficial for the people. Well, people daily feel anxious for somethings or get nervous and this feeling is completely normal. But you should worry when this starts affecting your daily work and activities.

If your feeling of anxiety is extreme and lasts for longer, if it’s affecting your life then you might have anxiety disorder. Due to this mental health condition you should meet a psychiatrist. But, before that let’s know what anxiety disorders are.

What is Anxiety Disorder?

Normal anxiety comes and goes, but it will not affect or interfere your daily life. At the same time when you have anxiety disorder then a feeling of fear will always be with you. In fact, you will always be worried for even minor things. And this will interfere your everyday works.

If you have anxiety disorder then you will no longer enjoy doing the things you used to enjoy. And in worst cases, it may prevent you from entering an elevator, going your house or leaving your house, crossing streets, etc. If left untreated then this condition keep going worst. And that’s why it is advisable to seek medical advisory or counselling immediately.

Anxiety disorders can affect anyone at any age as it’s the most common form of emotional disorder. According to research women are more than men are diagnosed for anxiety disorder. We should take care of our near and dear ones when we see them anxious. They might be suffering from something really serious and are in need of any help. You must talk to them about their problems or the main cause of the anxiety. And if not then try to consult a psychiatrist for this.

What are The Types of Anxiety Disorder?

  • Phobia- fear of any specific objects or situation.
  • Separation anxiety disorder- fear of separating from any loved one.
  • Panic disorder-fear of next panic attack.
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder– irrational thoughts that leads to repeated behaviour.
  • Social anxiety disorder – extreme fear of being judged by the people in social situation.
  • Illness anxiety disorder–anxious about health condition.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety feeling can vary from person to person and their behaviour. You may feel butterflies in your stomach to heart racing. You will feel out of control like you have no connection between your mind and your body. You will not be able to think or work properly, cannot even focus on your job or daily works.

Other people may experience nightmares, painful thoughts, or memories that you have no control over it. You will always feel fear, tensed or worry.

Here are the general anxiety symptoms

  • Restlessness
  • Rapid breathing
  • Fast heartbeat rate
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Difficulty falling asleep

It’s not necessary that you would feel the same way like others feel. Your experience can be completely different from others who are suffering from anxiety disorder.

How and from where to start?

Anxiety disorder is also like the other medical treatment that many medical professionals offer. That’s why it is said the sooner you will start the treatment, the better outcome of the treatment you can expect.

Well, there are many doctors and medical professionals who you can consult to. But it’s really important to share each and everything with your doctor about the things that are bothering you or giving you anxiety. You should not hide anything from your doctor only then he or she can provide the right treatment.

It’s really important to be open and honest with your doctor. Don’t just feel that you are stuck with your first doctor you see. If you are not feeling comfortable then you should definitely change your doctor.

You and your doctor should work as a team. Well, there are many medical professionals and specialists that can help to manage your anxiety. But the best place to start with is a primary care physician. And if you don’t get a good result consulting a primary care physician then you can consult a psychologist.

And even after consulting a psychologist you don’t find any improvements in your behaviour and condition then you should see a psychiatrist for anxiety.

Who is a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who is specialized in diagnosing and treating mental illness. He can do both prescribing medication and psychotherapy for anxiety disorder treatment.

When you plan to see your psychiatrist then it’s important to be prepared in advance. Your doctor would require some information about your past and present life to know the cause of your problem. So, here are a few things that you must prepare before visiting to the psychiatrist for the first time.

  • Make a note of things that you are facing in present and have faced in past.
  • Write about everything that bothers you, gives you anxiety, etc.
  • Any big stresses of life or traumas that you have experienced in past or present.
  • Write down about your mental and physical health condition.
  • Make a list of the symptoms and when they began. Also, the time when it becomes better or worse.
  • Name of the supplements or medicines you are taking and also how often.

Apart from all these things your doctor or psychiatrist may ask about the things you take like coffee, alcohol, drugs, tobacco and sugar, especially in case of large amounts.

So, this is how you should be prepared for your first meeting with a psychiatrist. Here are a few important questions that you should ask to your psychiatrist: –

  • Do I have anxiety disorder or normal anxiety or is it depression?
  • Is there anything else that might causing my symptoms?
  • What type of treatments or medicines you can recommend?
  • How long the treatment would take?
  • Is there any medicines that I can take? Do they have side-effects?
  • When will I feel better?

This will help you to know more about your treatment and recovery as well. But, you should first consult a primary care surgeon. And if they would be unable to treat you they may refer you to the medical practitioners. But, remember that the sooner you will seek medical treatment the better outcome of the treatment you can expect.

How to Know If Someone You Know Is Depressed?

Today one in four people in India suffer mental illness issues each year for which they also consult the best psychiatrist in Delhi. While some people hide the signs of depression, some don’teven realize they are depressed. But do you know someone, who you think is depressed or showing some signs of depression? If you are worried then here we will discuss the signs that will let you know whether the person you care about is depressed or not. Although the common signs of depression are sadness and hopelessness, there are some signs that are less obvious.

In this article we will talk about the common as well as the hidden signs of depression. However, these signs can also indicate some other mental issues. You need to read carefully the article to know whether the person you know is depressed or actually suffering from any other mental disorder. But, before that we must talk about what depression is?

What is Depression?

Depression is the mental disorder that affects people of almost every age-group, but some are more susceptible than others. Studies have shown that people who have lost their jobs, having a bad relationship, death of a loved one, and people with long-term illness are usually depressed. In simple words depression is the feeling of sadness and anxiety.

Well, this affects people in different ways and the results can also vary from person to person. Knowing the signs and symptoms of depression can help you to know if any of your loved ones is suffering from depression and need your support.

Depression Symptoms

Depression can be more than a constant feeling of sadness. In fact, men, children and women can experience the symptoms differently. This can affect both your mental and physical condition. Let’s see the problems people face if they are depressed.

Men can experience the following symptoms related to their

  • Moods like anger, aggressiveness, anxiousness and restlessness.
  • Behavior like no interest in doing favorite activities, feeling tired easily.
  • Emotional well-being such as feeling empty, hopeless and sad.
  • Sexual interest like reduced sexual desire.
  • Physical well-being like digestive problems, fatigue, etc.
  • Sleep patterns insomnia, restlessness, excessive sleepiness or lack of sleep.

These are the common symptoms of depression found in men. Now let’s know how women experienced this differently.

Women can experience symptoms related to their

  • Mood like irritability
  • Behavior such as no interest in doing favorite activities, thought of committing suicide, withdraw from social engagements, etc.
  • Emotional well-being such as feeling hopeless, empty, anxious and sad.
  • Sleep patterns like sleeping too much, waking early, facing difficulty in sleeping.
  • Cognitive abilities like talking slowly or not talking
  • Physical well-being such as weight changes, low energy, aches, pain, increased cramps.

Here are the list of the physical and behavioral signs that you should look for to know if the person you care about is depressed.

Hidden Symptoms of Depression Can Include the Following: –

Appetite and Weight Changes

Eating too much or eating too less can be a major sign of depression. If the person you love has suddenly shown some changes in his/her eating habits then there’s a chance the person is depressed.

When in depression some people turn to food for more comfort, while some avoid eating due to low mood. This can result in sudden weight gain or weight loss. But, if you see a drastic change in your loved one’s body weight then this can be a sign of depression. So, the first thing that you must look for is their food intake.

Changes in Sleep patterns

There’s actually a strong connection in between mood and sleep. If a person is depressed then he might not be able to sleep properly and lack of sleep can contribute to depression. Researchers have found that people with insomnia are 10 times more likely to have depression than the people who are not in that condition.

If you can see a person sleeping too much or not all, then this is completely a sign of depression.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Some people who have mood disorder use alcohol and drugs to cope with their feelings of sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness. It has seen that most of the people who are depressed drink alcohol or use other substances as well, and also the ones who use drugs have mood disorder issues as well.


One of the most common symptoms of depression is feeling excessively tired, even when the person is not doing any hard work. Researchers have found that most people with depression experience fatigue. Well, people may feel tired from time-to-time, but the one who always experiences this,is depressed and needs support.

Loss of Concentration

Being depressed can make it difficult to concentrate on work or conversations. Even stress and anxiety make it difficult to pay attention and focus, which can affect memory. If you see any of your near and dear ones trail off during a conversation, forget what to say or lose their train of thoughts then you can sense that something is wrong with the person.

Loses Interest in favorite Activities

Losing interest in hobbies or something that person used to enjoy a lot is a telltale sign of depression. Usually this happens in low a mood. It is not normal to lose interest in something that a person used to enjoy often. And this is the first sign that a person can notice if anyone of his/her loved ones is depressed.

Physical pains and disorder

Though depression is a mental health disorder but this affects your body also. Apart from weight changes and fatigue some of the other physical problems you need to look out for the symptoms of depression include: –

  • Backache
  • Digestive problem
  • Headache
  • Chronic pain conditions

Common causes of Depression

You must have heard of people having depression, but have you ever thought why people feel depressed. What are the common causes of depression that even make people committing suicide? You should never take it lightly, especially if you or any of your loves ones is affected with this. Well, the scientists do not know the exact cause of depression, but they say that there are several factors that play an important role in causing depression which includes: –

  • Trauma or stress
  • Genetics
  • Hormones
  • Biological and chemical differences
  • Personality traits
  • Other illness

If you think you have the symptoms of depression then you can seek medical treatment from one of the best psychiatrists in Delhi.

What to Do If Your Loved One Has the Symptoms of Depression?

If you think your dear one is having all or any of the above-discussed symptoms of depression then you must talk to him/her. You must listen to their problems and offer non-judgmental advice and support. Try to speak to them and ask to seek treatment. Help them in getting appointments of the best psychiatrist in Delhi. Help them in coping with the anxiety or stress that are causing depression.

Consult a Mental Health Advisor

Now you can see that there are many signs and symptoms of depression and in fact, the consequences can also vary from person to person, so there’s not a single test to diagnose depression. For this you will have to consult a psychiatrist or a mental health advisor who will diagnose depression based on the patient’s symptoms and psychological evaluation.

Usually the healthcare advisor will ask a series of questions about the patient’s

  • Mood
  • Sleeping pattern
  • Thoughts
  • Appetite
  • Activity level

As depression can be linked with health problems also so your healthcare advisor will conduct a physical examination as well. Then he can know how severe the problem is and how badly it has affected your mental and physical health condition.

Whether it’s you or any of your loved ones, you must not ignore the symptoms of depression and immediately seek medical treatment if not seeing any improvements in mental condition or things are getting worse.

उदासीपन तथा उसके उपचार

मैं एक psychiatrist होने के नाते बहुत ही साधारण बीमारी के बारे में बात करना चाहूँगा। आप सभी लोग आजकल एक महामारी के प्रचलन होने के कारण काफी परेशानी के दौर से गुजर रहे होंगे। सभी व्यक्ति एक असाधारण तथा अनिश्चितता के दौर से गुजर रहा है। साधारण लोग का सारा काम काज बंद हो गया है।  लोगों को जीविका चलाने  की चिंता के साथ साथ भविष्य की चिंता भी होने लगी है। सभी व्यक्ति किसी न किसी रूप में विचलित या अशांत महसुस कर रहे हैं।  ऐसे माहौल में Depression and Anxiety में काफी बढ़ोतरी देखने को मिल रही है। Depression के शिकार होने के कई कारण है उसमें मुख्य कारण अनिश्चितता है, दूसरा सबसे बड़ा कारण है वातावरण का gloomy होना। सारे वातावरण में एक अजीब सा माहौल है। इन सभी के अलावा कोरोना का डर भी लोगों को बीमार कर रहा है। इससे लोग panic हो रहे हैं तथा negative thought से अपने आप को भर रहे हैं। इन सब परिस्थितियों में खुद को ठीक रखना बहुत जरुरी है। ऐसे समय में अपने को depression से बचाने कि जरुरत है , इसके लिए निम्नलिखित उपाय करने कि आवश्यक्ता है —

1. अपने दिनचर्या को जरूर maintain करें जैसे excercise, bathing, cleaning इत्यादि। इसको प्रत्येक दिन करें।

2. कुछ पढ़ने की आदत डालें।

3. घर के काम में योगदान करें।

4. भविष्य के बारे में ज्यादा चिंता ना करें।

5. सोने और जागने के समय को निश्चित करें।

6. परिवार और मित्रों से संपर्क बनाये रखें। हो सके तो वीडियो कॉल से भी लोगों से बात करें।

7. अगर कोई दवाई ले रहे हों तो उसे लेते रहे और डॉक्टर से संपर्क में रहें।

When You Need to Contact a Mental Health Professional?

mental health

Figuring out how serious your anxiety is and you need to see mental health professional can be challenging, because being a human everyone experience this. In fact, it is an essential part of being a human. But, yet there are many symptoms of stress that says it is the time to see a psychiatrist of mental health professional. In the article, we are going to discuss the same. We will let you know that time when you should consult a mental health professional so that you can start living your life again without any tensions and stress.

Psychiatrist and psychologist are the mental health professionals. Their area of expertise is the mind and also how it can affect a person’s behaviour and well-being. They work together often to diagnose, treat and prevent mental illness. Basically they two are committed helping people stay mentally fit. But, they are not the only you can choose for your mental health condition. There are many other mental health professionals, mental health counsellors, nurses, social workers and nurse practitioners and other who deals with mental illness. But, you shouldn’t approach multiple professionals for diagnosis and treatment.

What do mental health professionals or counsellors do?

Mental health professionals will assess and diagnose the reason behind experiencing psychological distress. He or she talks with the patient to know to their past and present life so that they would know your experiences, emotions and thoughts. Also by conducting a group session with your family members or close friend, they will know everything about you to know what is bothering you or what is the reason of your stress.

Where can you find mental health counsellor?

There are so many places where you can find mental health counsellors, because they work with the aim helping people who are facing psychological challenges. They work with families, groups, communities and individuals as well to help them deal with their mental illness and also improve their well-being. You will find the professionals working in different range of settings which includes – Schools, colleges & universities, medical clinics, hospitals, community health centers.

Reasons you need to see a mental health professional

Facing mental health challenges is quite normal. Stress or tension is everywhere, but if you feeling stressed or depressed since a long time then it is no more normal. It can cause many health problems both mentally and physically. Hence, you should see a mental health professional in order to get recover from your problem.

Here are the common symptoms that say you should see or consult mental health counsellor: –

  • Feeling low since a few days without any reason
  • Have no interest in the work, once you used to enjoy a lot
  • Mood swings
  • Sleeping disorder or over sleeping
  • Started taking too much alcohol or drugs
  • You always think about your family and future
  • You are unable to concentrate on your work
  • Feeling suicidal
  • You feel like talking to someone who can help

If any of the two or three symptoms matches to your current condition or situation then yes, you should see a mental health professional or counsellor, who can help you to diagnose and treat the problem.

To help you diagnosing and treating mental illness, the psychiatrist or any mental health professional need to know about your history. The doctor needs to know your previous health condition or illness, because to diagnose and treat any type of mental disorder, the doctor needs to know the patient’s history and mental health condition. Many times a patient has to go through an exam conducted by the psychiatrist. This way the psychiatrist can easily know about the metal illness of the person with his answers. So, if you want to get back to your routine life and live a normal life once again then search for a good mental health professional or consult the best psychiatrist in Delhi.

How to Prevent Stress by Yourself?

Consulting the psychiatrist or other mental health professionals is the best way to treat mental illness. But, there are many ways through which you can prevent mental illness by yourself. For this you should do the following: –

  • Regular exercise, because it only keeps you physically but mentally fit as well.
  • For mental piece you can also start doing Yoga. And if you think you don’t get time in the morning so don’t worry because there’s no any fixed time for Yoga.
  • Intake nutritional foods and diet. Because eating healthy also affect our mental and physical health.
  • Always talk about your problems to your friends and family.
  • Keep yourself busy in some good things.

Things You Can Do To Overcome Depression

2020Things You Can Do To Overcome Depression

There’s no specific reason of feeling depressed, different things can trigger depression. But, when you are in depression you feel like you will never be able to come out from the dark shadow of it. Nothing affects you anymore, you have lost interests in activities and your thoughts kill you from inside. Right from the time you get up from your bed to again go to sleep at night, some negative thoughts keep running in your mind which scare you. You start feeling hopeless, wondering whether you will be able to ever overcome your depression or not. Life become hell, everything becomes so difficult for you to do. Even getting up from the bed seems a challenging task, when you are in depression. You want to cope with your depression, but even after trying for it a hundred times, you fail.

Depressive disorder is commonly known as depression and when a person suffers depression he needs extra care along with medical aid. Though depressions is a serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel or think, causes feeling of sadness, but there are many things you can yourself do to overcome depression. Before you search for the things you can do to overcome the mental illness, you should know whether or not you are suffering from depression.

Symptoms of depression

  • Felling irritated
  • Loss of interest in activities, which you used to enjoy earlier
  • Feeling helplessness and hopelessness
  • Sleep changes (too little or too long, sleeping mainly during the day)
  • Significantly low energy
  • Concentration problems

If you are experiencing these symptoms every day for more than two weeks then you are definitely depressed. But, don’t worry because by doing a few things you can overcome your depression. Here’s know what you can do to cope with depression.

Keep yourself busy

Start keeping yourself busy in your work or study. This doesn’t mean that you should start doing overtime but, making yourself busy in some real tasks will help you stopping yourself to overthink. This will reduce stress, and once the stress level reduced, the risk of feeling depressed will be reduced.


Regular exercise not only keeps your body fit but your brain as well. It boosts some of the feel-good chemicals of the brain, through which you can beat stress and it will help in coping depression. So, regular exercising will be as effective as medication.


Yoga is known for improving our mental health conditions. It provides us peace of mind. It reduces the impact of stress thus, fights with depression and anxiety. There are several yoga possess you can try to improve concentration power and get healthy mind as well as a healthy body. Yoga is the natural way to serotonin production, which plays an important role in depression.

Social Network

A key factor of depression is isolation and this is what a strong social network reduces. Keep regular touch with your family and friends. You can also join a class or a group of people to get great social support.


Eating healthy is not only good for your physical health but for mental health as well. Eating small and well balanced meals will help in minimizing mood swings. Thus, the chances of feeling stressed and depressed will be reduced. Sugary foods provide quick boost so you can be drawn towards them but, instead of that you should go for more complex carbohydrates.


Taking proper and complete rest helps in dealing with stress. It has a strong effect on mood and if you will not get enough sleep your symptoms of depression will be worse. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. 7-9 hours of sleep each night is considered to be good for a person’s mental and physical health.

Stop overthinking

Thinking is good but, overthinking can never be good for anyone. It increases the risk of depressive disorder. When you think too much your stress gets elevated thus it take the form of depression and you eventually starts disliking almost everything. Don’t let yourself think too much about anything that elevate your stress.

Psychotherapy Treatment for Depression

Well, awareness if the beginning of change. When you will know that you have depressive disorder (depression) then you can take the right actions to cope with it and start living a normal life. But, sometimes it is good to meet the expert. So, you can meet the best psychiatrist in Delhi. Talk therapy is used by the expert which is an extremely effective treatment for depression. You will learn skills and insight to feel better and also this will prevent the depression from coming back, through talk therapy. So, consider consulting either psychotherapist or psychiatrist in Delhi to overcome depression.

Effective Tips to Eliminate Stress at Work

psychiatry in delhi

True that working professionals constantly live under the pressure of handling a number of projects. With this, they are distracted by a number of different elements like phone calls, emails, boss calls and others. So, amidst all this, having stress and sometimes even acute stress is not surprising. These days, people are constantly pushing themselves to work more in order to earn a better standard of living. However, in an attempt to give their hundred percent and maybe more than that, they end up only with the disappointments. To take you to the shore, this blog talks about some of the effective tips that can help you eliminating stress at work. Go through them discussed as under-

  • Act and not react- The reputed psychiatrists in Delhi suggest that you should act to the situation and not react to it. When do you feel stressed? It is when you think that the entire situation has slipped off your hands. In this case, you should analyze what all aspects can you control and the ones that you don’t have control over. So, you better focus on the controllable ones and be impeccable about it. Once you have solved your part, much of your stress will be vanished. Let go the rest of it.
  • Schedule day realistically- If your day schedule includes 10 hours of working instead of 8, to wind up all the tasks then it might not probably work. Doing this will only reduce your productivity and you won’t end up meeting all the deadlines. Instead, you must plan a realistic schedule with a little break after every 90 minute of dedicated working. This way, you will feel rejuvenated and will be able to give in more productivity. Also, a break of stretching at your desk, sipping a coffee and make a phone call at home will release your build up stress, making you concentrate on work better.
  • Take a deep breath- Well, this might sound an age-old hack of controlling stress but it does work every time. Right after you have had an argument in a meeting, or are feeling stressed out, you can just deep breath for a couple of time. All you need to do is to inhale for 5 seconds, hold the breath and then exhale it out via nose. It is sure that you will be calmed in a few minutes only and will be able to concentrate on your work.
  • Eat better and sleep best- The major reasons for stress is that lack of nutritional eating habits and not sleeping well. It is better to never overlook these factors and do give them importance. When you have had a good night’s sleep, you will notice that you are able to concentrate on your work better and will not feel sleepy at all. If you are unable to sleep at night then the psychiatrists suggest an effective trip i.e. to cover your right nostril and then breathe through left nostril for at least 5 minutes. This is the best sleep inducing technique. With this, you should focus on eating high protein diet but also a low-sugar diet.
  • Try to cool down- But how do you do that when you have had a tensed meeting? You can do this by trying a cooling breath technique. Like you sip via straw, you here need to breathe in through mouth in the same way. So, you are breathing through your mouth but exhaling through your nose. The cool sensation on your tongue will make you feel relaxed. For sue, it will hit the stop button to all your anger and stress. And, when you are calm, it is definitely going to calm the other person as well.
  • Burst self-imposed stress- The best psychiatrists in Delhi claim that more than half of our stress is imposed by our own self only. We assume, think and imagine situations and circumstances that do not actually exist in real but only in our minds. See, you have to be confident in your own skin only and not reply on what other people think of you. Better to shift your focus from other people thinking of you to what you are capable of. This will give you a boost and will augment your growth.

It is sure that following the above discussed tips are sure to calm your minds and will eliminate your stress to a much greater level. However, if your stress has become highly adverse then you should consult a psychiatrist in Delhi. The doctor will guide you with the most effective tips to eliminate and will even use stress management therapies and technique, depending upon the adversity of the situations. Thus, find the best psychiatrist by searching for one online, reading the customer reviews and get the right tips to manage your stress effectively. It’s time to cut on stress and add joys on life!


Ways to Stop Feeling Insecure In Your Relationship


Do you feel unworthy being in a relationship? Do you constantly question yourself, “Why would anyone love me?”?  If you are answering in yes to these questions then you are surely suffering from insecurity. Feeling insecure is an emotion where you give your self-esteem, good traits and positive aspects a backseat. You focus on things that you lack and not what you possess. Note that chronic insecurity can steal you of all the happiness and peace that you deserve in real. This means that you should train yourself to think positive and feel good about what you have and not crib over what you don’t have. This blog discusses some of the effective ways to stop feeling insecure in your relationship. Go through them discussed as under-

Effective ways to stop feeling insecure in your relationship

  1. Stop overthinking- The very first way that you must try is to stop overthinking. Just stop thinking that it is all about you even when it is not. For instance, if you want to go out but your partner refuses then don’t think that he/she doesn’t like your company or is intentionally denying. You need to understand that message behind their tone and analyze what they actually meant by saying no. You will realize that it’s all in your head and nothing is in real. You don’t have to ponder over the same thing time and again.
  2. Stop acting like a psycho- You really need to run your thoughts in the positive direction. See, your thoughts can either spoil your relationship or make it up. It is all in your hands and you must not forget that your thoughts have direct effect on the health of your relationship. If you keep on thinking that your partner will ditch you or will leave you for someone else then you need to stop thinking this way. Do not think about “how could they leave me” because they love you for what they are. This also indicates your fear and not any reality.
  3. Consider greys too- You should be mature enough to comprehend that life is not about only black and white but it has greys too. It is a normal reaction to get defensive when someone blames you for something that you haven’t done. It is better to confront your partner and clear out things. There might be some misunderstanding due to which that situation took place. You both can talk it out and make things crystal clear. On the other hand, if you have a problem then you must not point it out immediately but reach your partner with compassion and settle the things.
  4. Don’t be paranoid- If your partner is talking to an opposite sex then you don’t have to go paranoid but take it easy. It is perfectly normal if he/she is talking or meeting any old friend. It would not certainly mean that they are betraying you. You better not snoop into your spouse’s social media accounts just to check with whom they are talking and chatting. If you will continue thinking like this then it is likely that you become addictive of that behavior.
  5. Love yourself- Before you let anyone else love you, you should learn to love yourself first. If you are already struggling with the pains of past then it is better that you don’t allow anybody else in your life. You should first try to get overcome from the pain and agony that you are going through and then only try to invite new feelings.
  6. Stop carrying the baggage- If anything that gives you pain has happened in the past then you don’t have to cling to it forever. It is better to forgive the mistakes of your partner and move on without pointing at that thing again and again. Remember, it will only exacerbate the whole situation and will bring in more misunderstandings between you and your partner. Don’t carry the baggage. Put it off your shoulders and walk in your relationship freely.

If you will understand all the ways discussed above then you will be able to control the feeling of insecurity. However, if it has risen to the level that you feel no control over such emotion then it is the time that you must reach the best psychiatrist in Delhi. The psychiatrist will be all ears to your issues and will then provide you the most appropriate solution after analyzing the entire situation. They will even use different therapies to soothe your nerves and train your mind to think in a positive way. So, it is the time that you should give all your negative thoughts a backseat and think only positive. Reach the best psychiatrist if you need the help of a professional. Take care!


8 Effective Ways to Stop Negative Thought Patterns

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The best way to slow down your personal goals is to think negative. Yes, you heard it right! Negative thinking can let you down to the level from where you can have the biggest troubles to rise again. Negativity attracts a person far more quickly than positivity. Once you are in the trap of negativity, you can gain that negative power to become toxic and put all good things at a stop. With such negative thinking, you will have nothing a dark cloud always above your head.

In order to prevent yourself from getting trapped into the vicious circle of negative thoughts or to come out of it (if you’re already there), we have for you some of the best tips & ways that can help to shoo away the negative thoughts. Go through them following-

8 ways to stop negative thinking

  1. Acknowledge negative thoughts- When you are having a negative thought, speak to it and acknowledge it. Just think about why you are having such thoughts. Are you tired, disappointed or hungry? Trying hard to push away the thoughts will only bring them back to you. It is better to give your internal voice a chance to recognize the thought and ask “is it actually a negative thought or I am just weaving a story?”. This might crush your negative thought immediately.
  2. Mingle with positive people- When you get around negative people, you tend to think negative. Yes, like you catch a cold when you are around people with a cold! It is better to examine your circle and if you think that your peer group is instilling in negativity in you then you should maintain a distance. Remember, negative people are never optimistic. So, get along with positive people and develop a positive thinking.
  3. Don’t push perfection in life- It’s okay if you are not perfect, if the shirt you’re wearing is not perfectly ironed or the dish you’re eating is not perfectly cooked. If you will keep on pointing out things and will remain fussy, you will be drained of all the happiness. Or if you are having your promotion next year than this year then don’t be dishearten. It would hardly make any difference to your goals in the longer run.
  4. Develop a healthy morning routine- A good life starts right in the early morning. You can develop this routine by making it a habit to exercise daily, read some positive blogs in the morning or maybe, listening to a motivational speaker. All this will give you a right track to be walked on. Remember, leaders replace the feeling of fear with belief & hope.
  5. Do breathing exercises- It is known that doing breathing exercises can help you relieve stress and do away with negative thoughts. You can watch videos of these exercises and can do daily in the morning. So, you must breathe away all the negative thoughts and not judge yourself on these thoughts.
  6. Attempt displacement theory- Note that a human being cannot think about two things at the same time. If you are thinking about the worries related to current job then you might displace your mind and try thinking about the dish that you are going to prepare in the dinner. Besides this, you may pick something that you like you do including any of your hobby.
  7. Focus on your goal- Whenever you feel negative, just focus on goal. It’s the end results that matter and not the unpleasant parts of the process. The moment any negative thoughts strike you, just take a halt and think why you are there and what are your goals. Thinking about your goals in the long run will make you get away with the negative thoughts.
  8. Detect the root cause- The best psychiatrist in Delhi advices that you must tap into the root problem and introspect yourself. You must think about the real problem that you think is giving birth to the negative thoughts. You must identify the deep rooted reason of your thinking and address the problem.

Besides this, you must also keep a check on the intensity at which you are facing these negative thinking. If you think that you cannot come out of it then it is better to consult a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist will endeavor to understand your problems and will try to get to the root problem as to what actually is making you think negative.

You can look out for the best psychiatrist in Delhi by doing your own research on the internet. Just make sure that the psychiatrist must be certified and must hold decades of experience in the respective field. Once you have approached the finest psychiatrist, you will not face problem in overcoming the negative thought pattern.

How to Deal With Social Anxiety Disorder to Lead a Better Life?

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If you fear of becoming the center of attraction then you must be suffering from social anxiety disorder. When you are suffering from social phobia, you avoid getting into crowd and talk to people in social gatherings. You become conscious of everything that you do including eating, walking, talking, while giving an interview and every other activity that involves social indulgence. You must know that this behavior is not normal. Thus, you must seek guidance from a professional medical expert to get treated on the same.

This blog further discusses some of the important tips and tricks that you can use to deal with social anxiety disorder. You should give it a thorough read and make an attempt to follow them. Hopefully, they will help you in leading a better life.

Tips to deal with social anxiety disorder

  • Step out of shell- The first thing to do when you are trying to overcome social phobia is to get yourself out there. You will have to go out from your shell to meet people in order to overcome the social phobia disorder. If you get an invite from your neighbor to a birthday party, then you should definitely go there. In fact, you should do things that make you uncomfortable including making a new hairdo, choosing heels over slippers, trying to crack jokes and other things. These things will not only give you confidence but will also help you in getting engaged with people.
  • Seek for expert help- You must realize that it’s a disorder and should not restrict yourself to seek medical help. In case, you are feeling embarrassed about going to a psychiatrist then you can talk to him on call and seek advice. A professional psychiatrist is always ready to help the patients in whatever way they can. In fact, you might feel all the more comfortable in talking to a stranger (doctor) about your problems than talking about it with your family or friends. So, it is advised to reach to a professional to get your phobia treated at the soonest.
  • Focus on health- You should focus on your own health because even bad physical health can put you in mental stress. The best way to keep your body fit and healthy is to do workout daily. With this, try to indulge in healthy eating habits with more of greens (vegetarian) and less of reds (non- vegetarian). To soothe your nerves and release stress, you can choose to have a cup of chamomile tea. Exercising here plays a big role because it releases the happy hormones in your body. You can plan to join your favorite sports or maybe dance classes. The focus is to do cardiovascular exercises and weight training, which you might do occasionally.
  • Pen down goals- Better to pen down your goals, so that you know what your aim is. This part of goal setting is highly crucial when you are on our way to overcome social phobia disorder. For instance, you can write that your goal is to join a gym, explore new cafes with your friends, visit your relatives every fortnight, and be regular to office and others. These goals should involve everything that is for your personal growth. After every 7 days, you should read these rules/goals, so that you don’t forget them.
  • Practice social skills- You can always improve your social skills either by reading a book or by approaching a personality development class. Here, you will learn how to interact with others, socialize with people and how to stop feeling shy in front of a social gathering. You should learn how to make introductions, remember names, give compliments, make eye contact and other things. Once you will learn public speaking skills, you will develop more confidence.
  • Reward yourself- Treat yourself with a chocolate or a pizza when you achieve a set goal. You must congratulate yourself and reward yourself for each of your accomplishment. This will encourage and motivate you to be determined to follow your goals and reach them.

Thus, social anxiety disorder is curable and that you should not lose hope if you are suffering from same. You should follow the above discussed tips and reach to the best psychiatrist in Delhi. To find the most reputed doctor, you can consider shortlisting the ones that are on top of the search engines better to read the background of the doctor and also the testimonials of other patients who have already availed the mental treatment from him. It can give you an insight into the quality of treatment offered by that psychiatrist. Note that once you have reached the right psychiatrist, you can lead a normal and much healthier life. Have a happy and phobia-free life!