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Consultant Neuropsychiatrist & Deaddiction Specialist

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I, Dr. Shashi Bhushan Kumar, M.B.B.S; M.D. (Psychiatry), just, wish to share some deep and memorable experience of my eventful 20 years journey.

Currently I am working as a Consultant Neuro Psychiatrist and De-Addiction specialist at Max hospital Shalimar Bagh New Delhi and Indian Spinal and Injuries Centre Vasant Kunj.

Indeed, in this cyber era and on this information highway, we are all together like a big family. I was born in a farmer family in Bihar. My motherland is one of the biggest cultural heritage places not just in India, but in the entire world. Buddha attained enlightenment here only and lord Mahaveer, also, attained salvation in this holy land. World's first residential University, Nalanda, is the symbol of this very geographical area. I consider myself fortunate that I was born in this sacrosanct place. My sagacity grew with growing age and the profession of medicine seemed to me like a divine and the noblest of profession...Read More

What do you think about psychiatrist?

Do you belong to mass who have fix notion about psychiatrist or certainly a person who have accommodative thinking and flexibility in approach towards life.

Do you also consider that a psychiatrist is a doctor who treat only insane or mad people ?

Are you having notion that psychiatric disorders are untreatable?

Just Think Again

Psychiatric disorder is treatable disorder, accept it and look forward to come out of mental agony. Destigmatize it, find out devoted & considerate professional to be free of mental agony.

Are you aware about severity of morbidity caused by psychiatric disorder ?

When should you contact a mental Health Professional ?

  1. Are you feeling low for last few days?
  2. Are you stressed?
  3. Are you repeating same work, counting, checking, having doubts in any work, image in mind?
  4. Are you having trouble in sleeping?
  5. Are you having persistent headache for long time?
  6. Are you having fear of closed space and episode of palpitation?
  7. Do you always remain worried about self, future and family?
  8. Are you having idea of committing suicide?
  9. If anyone in family is having odd talk or behaviour.
  10. If anyone have change in usual behavior pattern.

What is Psychiatry and What a Psychiatrist Do

The study and diagnosis of problems related to mental disorder is treated under psychiatry and the doctor curing the problem is called psychiatrist. Mental disorder is a state of mind in which a person is not able to control the affective, cognitive, perceptual and behavioral abnormalities. To treat any such aforementioned disability of mind one is supposed to consult a psychiatrist who could go in the depth of the disease and treat it in the best possible way. Consultation to a psychiatrist at the best time cures the disease to forty percent. The symptoms of mental or which is also called psychiatric disorder can be instant or can happen for a long term as well.

The treatment of any type of mental disorder starts with a deep study of the case history which includes previous health issues or illness along with this, the patient is also supposed to undergo a mental status exam that could allow the psychiatrist to know about the patient psychiatric history, so that he may be treated in the required way only. The two very popular techniques to assess the mental health of the patient used by the psychiatrist in context with the present time are neuro imaging and neuro physiological techniques. If anyone is facing any sort of mental disorder which is worsening day-by-day then the best solution that should be implemented for it should be consulting a psychiatrist for the same.

A timely advice for situations like this can save life of a person because the adverse mental effect can lead a person to end up his life as well. In case you or anyone who is close to you is suffering from the problems such as anxiety disorders, substance addiction, depression, bipolar disorders, or anything like this then consulting a psychiatrist in no time and getting the treatment in the most adequate time can help a person to get over such problems. Psychotherapy, psychosocial interventions, medications and appropriate mental exercise are the treatment requirements if anyone is undergoing any sort of mental complication.

If you want to get back to your routine at the fastest and win over the mental illness to win the battle of a healthy life then you are supposed to consult a psychiatrist who could provide you the best solution of the same and you can get over the problem and get back to your normal routine at the fastest. Connect with the best psychiatrist in Delhi for the treatment if you want to get over from the problem and get a timely solution for that. If someone very close to you is suffering from any sort of mental disorder and you don’t want to see your loved one in a mental traumatic phase then it is suggested that you should consult a good psychiatrist for the same.

There can be any cause of mental disorder like death of a loved one, separation, addiction to drugs, completion and problems in personal life, etc. Symptoms such as insomnia, change in eating habits, living in solitude, mood swing, etc. justifies that everything is not right with the person who is undergoing any sort of mental stress. With Dr. Shashi Bhushan Kumar who is an expert psychiatrist with the experience of more than 20 years you can get the best consultation and come out from the mental illness and can live a healthy life. You can consult for psychiatrist in Shalimar Bagh here and Dr. Shashi Bhushan Kumar will provide you his best consultation advice that could help you to overcome the mental illness so that you can live a happy and healthy life.

Health Tip

Most Common Mental Health Problem in Children

Being a parent surrounds a person with so many responsibilities. Noticing the behavior of child in every minute and second is what parents are supposed to do. Sometimes there is a sudden behavior change in child that parents could not actually make out the reason behind that. Sometimes the changes are due to small problems but sometimes the problem can be as big as mental stress. Parents should not ignore any such signs in the behavior of child and should cope-up with the requirement at the best possible time. There are certain things that if you are noticing in your child then it means that there is something which is not right with your kid. If your child is facing anxiety disorder which means the faster rate of heart beat and sweating then you should take the problem seriously. With this if he is facing some problem in concentration on things or remembering something then also it suggests some sort of mental disorder. Eating disorder is another sign that signifies that the child is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Depression in children also signifies such symptoms. If you are also noticing the things like these in your child then it is the high time when you should consult a child psychiatrist in Delhi or of your area, so that your child could be given proper treatment at the proper time and he should return back to his normal routine at the fastest.



Clinic Address (Shalimar Bagh)

Monday to Saturday

Timing : 10.30 AM to 01.00 PM

Address : Sri Ganesh Psychiatry and Physiotherapy Clinic AB-206, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi - 88

For Appointment : +91-93132 06395

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Clinic Address (Rohini)

Monday to Saturday

Timing : 06.00 PM to 08.00 PM

Address : CSC -7, Shop No - 40, DDA Market, First Floor, Near F3 Block, Sector - 16, New Delhi - 85

For Appointment : +91-95607 66242

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the common types of headache?

    Headache is a very common disease. Common headache are due to migraine, tension headache, chronic daily headache, cluster headache. This is also due to increased blood pressure. Other causes of continuous headache are depression and persistent stress.

  • Treatment of headache depends on diagnosis. To diagnose it proper history taking and enquiry about work and associated stress is very important. Before starting treatment we must rule out medical cause of headache by investigations. For example dull, severe and continuous headache must be ruled out by brain radio investigation.

  • Headache is usually of two types primary and secondary. Primary headache is independent in nature and it could be episodic and continuous. Most common cause of episodic headache is migraine, cluster headache and tension headache. Continuous headache could be due to chronic daily headache and depression and stress.

  • Secondary headache is due to blood pressure, Tumour, post head injury and subarachnoid haemorrhage etc.

  • Depression is a state of mind in which person biological function like sleep, appetite and bowel habit are disturbed along with low energy lack of interest in work, surrounding and socialisation. It also leads to helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness. In severe case person start thinking about suicide. Long standing depression may lead to social cut-off and loss of jobs as well.

  • In less educated people multiple somatic symptoms such as headache, body ache , gas formation , unexplained other symptoms , sleep disturbance , heaviness or lightheadedness are common symptoms . Educated or intelligent people will complain of lack energy, lack of charm or meaning in life, fatigued feeling, hopelessness and worthless feeling along with sleep disturbance and lack or increased appetite are usual symptoms.

  •  Symptoms of depression can be classified into following groups.

    (A) DEPRESSED MOOD- this is hallmark of all depression regardless of other associated symptoms. It is sustained emotional state that is characterised by sadness, low morale, misery, discouragement, hopelessness, emptiness, distress, pessimism etc. it is different in quantitative term as it is more intense than normal emotional response in bad situation.

    (B) ANHEDONIA- is loss of interest. Patient is unable to draw pleasure from previously enjoyable activities. In severe cases they abandon   most of the things they valued in life.

    (c)COGNITIVE SYMPTOMS- difficulty in concentrating, negative thoughts, low self-esteem and self-confidence, suicidal idea are some most common cognitive symptoms. In severe case delusions of nihilism are also present.

    (D) PSYCHOMOTOR DISTURBANCE - It can be aggression, agitation or retardation. Aggression is usually associated with irritability and restlessness. Retardation is associated with lack of initiative, mask like facial expression, emotional sluggishness and increased time to answer in response to question.

    (E)VEGETATIVE SYMPTOMS - this is characterised by increased sleep or decreased sleep, increased appetite or decreased appetite, decreased libido and motivation.

    (F) ANXIETY SYMPTOMS- are usually part of depression.

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