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Suffering from acute mental disorder? Worried of your disturbed life? Dr. Shashi Bhushan is here to resolve all your mental worries. The psychiatrist has years of experience in the respective field and guarantees a healthy mental state of all the patients who approach the Best Psychiatrist in Delhi. In Rohini Sector 11, we have a clinic where the best psychiatrist treatments are offered.
Consequences of untreated mental disorders

  • Risk of accidents- When you are suffering from any mental disorder, you tend to lose your reasoning power and consciousness. As a result of this, you are prone to accidents while walking on the road, travelling or doing other activities. The risk of accidents tend to increase when you are suffering from server mental disorders.
  • Long term physical issue-If not treated on time, the mental disorder can turn into a long term physical issue and even lifetime in some cases. Mental disorders like schizophrenia, depression and server anxiety must be treated in its initial stage that is before they turn graver. The psychiatrist will analyze the health issue and will then provide you the apt treatment.
  • Ruined relationship- Disturbed mental health can badly affect your relationship with your spouse. Since you tend to remain worried, irritated and disturbed with your life, you are hardly able to give time to your partner, which can ultimately ruin your bond.
  • Deteriorating disorder- If you are taking your mental disorder lightly then you shouldn’t. This can worsen your problem even more and can land you in severe troubles. In fact, the disorder can go to the extent where you can harm yourself and can even think of suicide.
  • Being victimized- A severe mental disorder can make you victimized in the society. Also, you are prone to becoming a victim of crime. Being a victim can further give you trauma, which can degrade your condition even more.
  • Substance abuse- An untreated mental disorder can lead the patient to substance abuse and he/she is likely to get addicted to drugs and alcohol. Addictions can further degrade the health and can lead to more issues.

Therefore, it is better that you get your mental disorder treated on time, so that you do no face any further problems later. While looking for various psychotherpaists, you will come across but note that, not every therapist will be as experienced and skilled as Dr. Shashi Bhushan. Till date, he has treated a hundreds of patients by providing them the fines possible medical treatment. He believes that a patient should have strong will power to get treated and must cooperate with the therapist. When patients do what the therapist says, he/she tends to get well sooner. It is vital to reach the doctor at the right time to receive the right mental treatment but also following his guideline and taking the medicines on time is more than just important. Thus, you should not wait any further to get your mental issue treated. Just approach us without wasting any time and led a normal life. Stay well. Take care!

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