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Dr. Shashi Bhushan Kumar


Consultant Neuropsychiatrist & Deaddiction Specialist

Best Psychiatrist in Pratap Vihar, Delhi

Are you searching for the best psychiatrist in Pratap Vihar, Delhi? If yes then your search ends here. Ask the best psychiatrist in Pratap Vihar, Delhi for the best management of mental health disorders.

Why and when should you consult the best mental health counsellor in Pratap Vihar, Delhi? Well, let us give you the best ever information about that. Have you ever experienced hard times in your life? Hard times come in the life of every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Many of us writhe from the epoch of trauma, nervousness, concern, stress, sadness, unhappiness, grief, sorrows, conflicts, and so on.

Circumstances come in our lives when we feel sad. It can be a complicated and challenging to know whether one should ask a psychiatrist or not. Many people vacillate to even talk about mental health conditions. And they don’t consult any specialist consultant for the same. But it is not a decent sign at all. Every person facing stress, nervousness, downheartedness, sadness, depression, anxiety, tension, and other mental health concerns must turn to the best psychiatrist in Pratap Vihar so that they can get the best psychiatrist management and improve as soon as possible.

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry faces hard times in life. They undergo from period of stress, anxiety, sadness, grief and conflicts so, when you are feeling off or low it can be hard to know whether you should consult a psychiatrist or not. But, it is good to consult a professional for the problems to get the best solution before it worse. Well, when it comes to trauma recover, it get worse before it gets better but, after the therapy you will be more emotionally stable than you have in your entire life.

You should consult the best psychiatrist in Pratap Vihar, Delhi in the case of the following issues.

  • Disturbed sleeping pattern- A disturbed mental health leads to disturbed sleeping pattern. If this issue is persisting since days and months then you must reach a good psychiatrist. It is only through proper medication that you can calm your mind and sleep peacefully. This means that you should not make any compromises with your disturbed sleeping pattern and must visit the doctor with no delays.
  • Harmful thoughts- You should consult the doctor if you are constantly having harmful thoughts of destruction. Thinking about harming yourself through suicide or take any other destructive step is not normal and that you should consult the psychiatrist at the soonest.  The doctor will assist you in going deep into the problem and comprehending the exact mental problem.
  • Stressed relationship- A poor mental condition can affect your relationships badly with continuous fights and arguments. If you do not have any control over your mental situation and is getting annoyed every next moment then it is the time to approach the psychiatrist.
  • Mood swings- If you are experiencing frequent mood swings like, being happy at the moment and then being depressed at the other then it is the time to see a psychotherapist. You can approach us and we will analyze the root cause of the problem to give you the appropriate treatment accordingly. With us, you will be able to explore your life better and understand the issue better.
  • Isolated- Usually, a depressed person distances himself/herself from the society and then feel isolated. If you think that nobody understands you and your problems and you don’t feel like talking to anybody, you should consult a psychiatrist. Here, all mental problems will be understood well and will be given a sense of comfort.
  • Using substance- If you have started taking alcohol or drugs, to escape from your mental problem then only a psychotherapist can help you in this regard. Many a times, depressed people rely on different types of harmful drugs, as they find it easy to lose consciousness and escape into a different world where they are unaware of everything. In such a situation, you must contact a psychiatrist.

As a part of his work and services, Dr. Shashi Bhushan Kumar (one of the best psychiatrists in Pratap Vihar) can:

  • offer urgent care for a sudden mental disorder
  • assist you to manage a long-term mental health condition
  • provide advice about lifestyle changes
  • work with you exclusively, or with you and your partner, family or carers
  • give second opinions and advice to other doctors and health professionals
  • admit you to his clinic if required

The best psychiatrist in Pratap Vihar Delhi can assist to recover fast from any mental health disorders or issues. You can consult the best psychiatrist in Pratap Vihar for the mental disorders like schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, eating and sleeping disorder.

So, what are you thinking more? Book your appointment through this site to get the best treatment and therapy session from Dr. Shashi Bhusan Kumar.



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