INDIAN SPINAL INJURIES CENTRE, VASANT KUNJ, New Delhi- working as senior consultant psychiatrist since September 2007.

MAX  SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL SHALIMAR BAGH- working as visiting  senior  consultant since Jan  2016

PRAYAS-a non Governmental organization (NGO) working for delinquent children in coordination with ministry of Social Welfare. I worked as visiting psychiatrist from April 2007 to September2010



Year Name of Degree Institution
Mar 2004- Mar2007 Senior Resident Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi-110001
Jan 2001- Dec 2003 M.D (Psychiatry) All India Institute Medical Sciences (AIIMS),New Delhi
1991- 1998 M.B.B.S Patna Medical College, Patna


2001-2004 - MD Training includes teaching experience for three year




  • He has participated in 58th ISCoS meeting held in Nice, France from 5th to 7th November 2019.
  • He participated in 18th AscoN meeting as speaker held in Kualampur, Malasia from from 13th   to 15th September ,2019.
  • He has attended 57th ISCoS meeting as speaker on “Role of yoga in management of psychological issues” in patient with SCI held in Sydney, Australia ,2018.
  • He has attended  17TH AscoN -2018 as speaker held in Myanmar from 10th to 12th November.
  • He has attended AscoN 2017 meeting  as delegate held at Chiang Mai ,Thailand from 7th dec to 10th dec.
  • He has attended peer support training  program as trainer  for patients with spinal cord injuries at Malaysia from 22nd to 24th October ,2016.
  • Participated as faculty for the   “ psychosocial rehabilitation module” of the   e -learning online resource for  psychosocial management of spinal cord patient at a conference held at ISIC from April 27th to 29th , 2012
  • He has been involved in development of psychosocial guideline for SCI patients as a member.
  • He has written  a chapter “The management of psychotropic medications for persons with Spinal Cord Injury” in ISCoS Textbook  of Comprehensive Management of SCI.
  • Participated as resource person for the post conference workshop at the ISCoS conference  from October 29th to 31st , 2010 at Le meridian ,New Delhi .
  • SB KUMAR, HK SHARMA, R LAL, BM TRIPATHI. Management of opioid dependent patient in a community clinic setting of Delhi-Economic dimensions Paper presented at ANCIPS 2004 for Marfatia Award.
  • HEMRAJ PAL, RAJESH KUMAR, SHASHI BHUSHAN, NEERAJ  BERRY, Psychiatric co morbidity associated with pheniramine abuse and dependent, Indian Journal of Psychiatry.2005, 47, 60-62
  • Dinesh Kataria, Neeraj kumar Gupta, N aggarwal, Shashi Bhushan kumar, Srinivas TR, & Neelam. Knowledge and attitude toward ECT among medical and nursing students. Poster presentation at 59th annual conference of the Indian Psychiatry society.
  • Sadhu R, Kumar SB, SrinivasTR, Mongia M, Arya SC. Autobiographical memory deficits in acute transient psychosis after remission.  AP J Psychol Med 2012; 13(2): 93-8.


International society of spinal cord

Delhi Psychiatric Society

Indian Psychiatric Society

Indian Association of Private Psychiatrist

Asian Spinal Cord Network

Attended the Meeting of “Role of Yoga in Psychosocial Management of SCI“ in patients at ISCoS 2018, Sydney, Australia.

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Psychologist Psychiatrist and Peer Counsellor Meeting at ICC, Sydney for Future Development along with Stanley Ducharme and Other

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Talking About Role of Yoga in Management of Depression in Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries at ISCoS Meeting Sydney 2108

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Talking About Role of Yoga in Management of Depression in Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries at ISCoS Meeting Sydney 2108

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Attending Instructional Course Meeting Named “Role of Yoga in Psychosocial Management of SCI” in Patients at ISCoS 2018, Sydney, Australia

Presentation of ISCoS Meeting Sydney, Australia 2018


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the common types of headache?

Headache is a very common disease. Common headache are due to migraine, tension headache, chronic daily headache, cluster headache. This is also due to increased blood pressure. Other causes of continuous headache are depression and persistent stress.

Q. What is the treatment of headache?

Treatment of headache depends on diagnosis. To diagnose it proper history taking and enquiry about work and associated stress is very important. Before starting treatment we must rule out medical cause of headache by investigations. For example dull, severe and continuous headache must be ruled out by brain radio investigation.

Q. What are the common types of headache?

Headache is usually of two types primary and secondary. Primary headache is independent in nature and it could be episodic and continuous. Most common cause of episodic headache is migraine, cluster headache and tension headache. Continuous headache could be due to chronic daily headache and depression and stress.

Q. What is secondary headache?

Secondary headache is due to blood pressure, Tumour, post head injury and subarachnoid haemorrhage etc.

Q. What is depression?

Depression is a state of mind in which person biological function like sleep, appetite and bowel habit are disturbed along with low energy lack of interest in work, surrounding and socialisation. It also leads to helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness. In severe case person start thinking about suicide. Long standing depression may lead to social cut-off and loss of jobs as well.

Q. What are symptoms in lay term when one can understand he is going through depression?

In less educated people multiple somatic symptoms such as headache, body ache , gas formation , unexplained other symptoms , sleep disturbance , heaviness or lightheadedness are common symptoms . Educated or intelligent people will complain of lack energy, lack of charm or meaning in life, fatigued feeling, hopelessness and worthless feeling along with sleep disturbance and lack or increased appetite are usual symptoms.

Q. What are the common symptoms of depression?

 Symptoms of depression can be classified into following groups.

(A) DEPRESSED MOOD- this is hallmark of all depression regardless of other associated symptoms. It is sustained emotional state that is characterised by sadness, low morale, misery, discouragement, hopelessness, emptiness, distress, pessimism etc. it is different in quantitative term as it is more intense than normal emotional response in bad situation.

(B) ANHEDONIA- is loss of interest. Patient is unable to draw pleasure from previously enjoyable activities. In severe cases they abandon   most of the things they valued in life.

(c)COGNITIVE SYMPTOMS- difficulty in concentrating, negative thoughts, low self-esteem and self-confidence, suicidal idea are some most common cognitive symptoms. In severe case delusions of nihilism are also present.

(D) PSYCHOMOTOR DISTURBANCE - It can be aggression, agitation or retardation. Aggression is usually associated with irritability and restlessness. Retardation is associated with lack of initiative, mask like facial expression, emotional sluggishness and increased time to answer in response to question.

(E)VEGETATIVE SYMPTOMS - this is characterised by increased sleep or decreased sleep, increased appetite or decreased appetite, decreased libido and motivation.

(F) ANXIETY SYMPTOMS- are usually part of depression.

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