How to Overcome from Breakup Depression

breakup-stressBreakup is the worst part of a relationship and probably the thing that no one wants to face. Breakup is a mental trauma but is something that can affect a person physically as well as financially if not treated on time. There are people who are strong and can face with this traumatic phase of life well but on the other hand there are also persons for whom the complete phase brings a big trauma, sometimes the situation is so worse that the sufferer even tries to end up his life. Well, breakup and breakup stress is a problem and as every problem has a solution and so as breakup. We are here mentioning few of the points that would help a person to come up from the breakup stress and breakup depression as well.

Write Down the Feelings: Well, you may consider me insane for a moment for suggesting you this but believe me there is no other option as effective as writing down your feelings. The more you will write your feelings in a piece of paper the more you would come out from it.

Take Care of Your Self: Breakup is there in the mind and then travels to your complete body. To let not the breakup stress enter into your body you should take a very good care of yourself. Don’t skip your routine and follow the same order as you were following earlier.

Get Active: Making yourself physically active for the things would help you to come over the stress you are facing. Dancing, swimming and running, are few of the tasks that would exhaust your body energy and you would forget the things the moment you are practicing these things.

Stay Positive: You should continuously remind yourself about the great things about you and your life. Stay positive because this is not the end. Still you have many things to see and have a beautiful world ahead. So enjoy your life.

Do what You Love: And last but not the least don’t lose yourself as you have lost someone. Do what you love and this will make you happy. Whether it’s singing or travelling and definitely, these things are going to make you happy.

If despite of several efforts from your side, things are not getting normal and you are finding yourself lost in the situation then it is better to consult a psychiatrist. The doctor would definitely give you a better way to come out from it.

How to know if Your Partner is Facing Some Mental Disorder

mental disorderA perfect life partner is the one with whom we can share our joy and happiness together. Living complete life with a person who can understand us and we can understand which is always the best experience ever. But, sometimes we both get stuck in our life too much that are unable to understand and make out if our partner is facing some problem or disorder. Life is much complicated and stressful nowadays.

Personal and professional, there are many worries that surround a person completely. If your partner is behaving differently in the past few days then the reason may be he is suffering from some mental illness. Here are the few points to know if he is actually undergoing something very creepy.

Quick Mood Swing: If there is something which is hitting a person’s mind constantly then the best way to know this is his mood swing. If a person swings his mood constantly and quickly then definitely there are many thoughts which are surrounding his head.

Remain Silent: If you partner remains silent on many things and does not share his views and opinions about the things happening in and around then definitely there is something to worry about. Remaining silent is no issue, as this is a position of meditation but silent, when the one opposite is seeking for the reply, is dangerous.

Change in Eating Activity: Not eating or eating less is something that will clearly signify that everything is not okay with your partner. If you notice a change in eating activity of your partner and that too followed for a longer time and definitely you need to point this out.

Not Able to Sleep: Insomnia is another sign of mental disorder. Not able to sleep due to stress is okay for few nights but if this has become a constant behavior then this thing needs to be sorted out.

Want to Remain in Solitude: Despite your constant efforts if your partner is not sharing his views with you and wish to remain in solitude then there is something messy going on in his mind. You should check this out and try to fix the problem.

Being a partner you are supposed to learn and understand the things that are going in the mind of your partner. If there is something much creepy then you should take your partner to a psychiatrist. Consulting a psychiatrist would always take the situation at a better level.

How to Overcome the Death of A Loved One

Death is the ultimate truth of life. One day or another we all need to face it. It really hurts when someone much closer to us departs from our life forever. Overcoming the death of a loved one is really tough, but there is no other way out to deal with the situation than to face it. Keeping this in mind that death is the ultimate truth of life, we need to proceed further. If someone much closer to us leaves us and goes away forever then how the situation can be handled. Well, this is a question of millions of people and more than that it is their concern. If you or anyone close to you is in depression of losing someone much closer then here are few ways how such kind of situation can be handled well.

Realize the Truth: You need to realize the truth that death is the final terminus of life. As soon as you will adopt the change, you can get back to your normal life. Not everyone deals with death of loved one in the same way; hence you cannot compare yourself with anyone else.

Open Up and Share Feelings: Rather than fighting with the thoughts on your own mind, it is better to share your emotions with someone. Yes, it will take time but once you will pour out your emotions everything will get back to normal.

Allow Your Close Ones To Be There: Don’t go in solitude just to fight with your own thoughts. Allow your close ones to be there by your side, so that you may come out of the situation well. They can console you in better way.

Travel and Refresh Mind: A change is always required in life. When you are just stuck in your thoughts and the good memories you have shared with the person who is no longer in your life, it is better to travel. Leave for a place where you have never been to and definitely, this will help you to come out from the pain.

Spend Time on Practicing Hobby: Engaging yourself in the things that you really like; is a great idea. You can spend your quality time on the things that you love to practice and this way you can come out of the unbearable pain of life.

Cherish the Good Moments: Don’t get stuck to the situation when your loved one has left you, instead you can cherish the good memories you had with the person.

These are few of the better ways through which a person can come out of the toughest time of losing someone. If despite several efforts one is really not able to deal with the situation then consulting a psychiatrist is a good option.

How to Handle a Friend Undergoing Breakup Stress

psychiatristRelationship is a bond of love and affection. It is surely such a feeling that makes a person happy and complete. But, when the relationship terminates at breakup the situation is really out of control. Controlling emotions at the point of time when the person is totally broken is something really very tough. Whether it’s our own self or someone close to us, the situation of breakup is really very difficult to handle. When a person is undergoing the pressure of depression, what he need the most at that point of time is someone who could stand by his side to console him. If you are that dependable friend who is trusted by someone under the toughest phase of his life then here are few things that you can try out to handle his emotions.

Give Time: This is a point of time when your friend needs you the most. Give him time because when you will be by his side he will feel comfortable. In every aspect of life, we always want loved ones to be near and when the phase is this much tough then without a well-wisher we cannot survive. So being a good and responsible buddy, you are supposed to be at the side of your friend.

Go for Outing: The best way to handle a friend who is already undergoing breakup stress is to take him for outing. A change is always necessary and an environment change can bring positivity in him. Also this will enable your friend to forget the past attachments and motivate him to move on.

Notice Behavior Change: Breakup is the worst phase of relationship and is probably something that distracts a person completely. Sometimes the person is so much disappointed that he could even decide to end up his life, hence it is necessary that you should notice his behavior change continuously. At this time, it’s better not to leave your friend and stay by his side.

Consult Psychiatrist If Necessary:  Consulting psychiatrist if you think that the situation is out of control is also a workable idea. According to the situation they will console your friend and will help in bringing him out of this mental stress.

Being a friend you should always stand by the side of your buddy. The ideas that are mentioned above would surely help you in consoling your friend in the best manner. Do implement the tips and certainly good results will be in front of you.

5 Most Effective Ways to Reduce Stress

stressThe trend of nuclear family, target based jobs, tough completion in education and office, complicated relations , these all are few of the reasons that increases stress in our life. Stress and life move parallel in content with present scenario. Now there is not little stress in life but there is little life in stress. We find life in the burden of responsibilities which gets ruined due to stress. Stress is no less than a mental trauma. Being concerned for a thing or happening in and around totally distracts us. Consulting psychiatrist is not the only way out to handle stress; there are many more effective ways and ideas through which you can lower the stress factor from your life. Here are the five most effective ways that would help you in plummeting stress.

Meditation: Your capability to control feelings and emotions increases with meditation. If you really want to reduce the stress level from your body then just start meditating. Concentrating in finding your inner soul, would definitely help you in getting distracted from stress and other tensions of life.

Deep Breathing: Whenever you think that your stress is overpowering your schedule just start deep breathing. Deep breathing is a kind of distraction from stress. When you will concentrate your mind in breathing deep then definitely the matter that was giving you stress will vanish from your mind for time being and in this way you can fight with your stress.

Focus on Senses: One another effective way of reducing stress is to feel your senses. Suppose you are walking in green grass barefoot then just feel your feet toughing the glass. Feel your senses and your stress will be gone away.

Show Social Presence: If you are stressed over something for a long period of time and despite constant efforts you are not able to overcome the situation then try out social networking. Get connected with the people in and around you through social networking sites and definitely, this will reduce the stress of your life automatically.

Laugh Out Loud: Laughing is the best medicine and in fact the best pain healer too. Whenever you think that stress is suppressing your life, just laugh out loud. Watch comedy movies, serials, hang out with friends and in this way the whole frustration and stress will be wiped away from your life.

These are the five best ways through which you can reduce stress from your life. In case, you think that situations are not under your control then consulting a good psychiatrist is the best option for you. The best way to treat stress is finding its symptoms in the beginning only.

4 Most Common Mental Health Condition in Children

child mental disorderIt is a much complex task to identify mental disorders in children. As they differ from adults in their behavior hence it is difficult to spot if they are actually suffering from mental disorder or they are behaving in their own way. One can find children behavior just normal without spotting any abnormality in it. It is really a difficult task to spot if they are suffering from any mental disorder to behaving normally in their own way. There are different types of mental disorder that can affect children. The symptoms are mentioned below.

Anxiety Disorders: Rapid heartbeat, sweating are few signs of anxiety. If your child is also being spotted from this disorder then this is the high time when you should consult a child psychiatrist.

ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is generally a problem in which children have problem in paying attention or concentrating on something. They tend to move constantly and are impulsive too at times.

Disruptive Behavior Disorders: Children confronting and challenging rules suffer from this kind of disorder. They are often disruptive in structured environment such as school.

Eating Disorders: Well, this is something very common that you can spot in your child. This involves intense and unusual behavior associated with food.

Elimination Disorders: Bed-wetting is a something common for kids, but in case your child repeats this after the definite age as well then this is called as elimination disorder.

Learning and Communication Disorder: Children facing this disorder have problems in processing and storing information. They are also not able to relate their thoughts and ideas with the things happening around.

Affective Disorder: Persistent feeling of happiness and sadness is something which is included in this order. If a child continuously swings his moods then this is a sign that needs consultation of doctors.

Tic Disorder: In this disorder a person performs repeated moments and actions that are sometime meaningless too. If your child behaves like this then you must consult psychiatrist immediately.

These are the signs and symptoms of disorder in children. In case you notice any of these kinds of things happening to your child then you must consult child psychiatrist immediately. Continuously noting down their behavior is necessary to track their mental situation.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Mental Disorder?

mental disorderMental sickness, mental disorder or psychiatric problem whatever you call it, these all lead to one way only. It is the mental disturbance of thoughts that completely disturbs a person. Sometimes the person is aware of the things happening in his mind and sometimes he needs to make out the situation from the symptoms. Mental disorder is not like fever and cough that can be easily visible and measurable too, for finding the exact condition of a person suffering from mental disorder one needs to examine the symptoms too. Here are few very common and important symptoms of the mental disorder that will help you decide whether the mental condition is stable or there is a need to consult a psychiatrist.

Social Withdrawal: Loss of interest in others or social withdrawal is one of the biggest signs that signify that a person is suffering from mental problem.

Drop in Functioning: No active participation in a social gathering or trying to cut off from the outer world is another thing that suggests that everything is not well.

The problem in Concentration: Finding it difficult to remember things or problem in concentration are other symptoms that signify that the person is facing some sort of mental problem.

Apathy: Having a feeling to cut off from the world or loss of interest to participate in any sort of social activity is also a sign of mental disorder.

Feeling Disconnected: If a person is having a vague feeling of social disconnection or from his close circle then this is may be because his mental condition is not stable.

Nervousness: Nervousness in everything is another sign of mental disorder. If a person faces anxiety in even small situations then it means that everything in his mind is not well.

Sleep or Appetite Change: A change in appetite or sleep is also a sign of mental disorder. A decline in personal care is also something that seriously signifies mental disorder.

 Rapid Mood Change: Mood swing is a common thing but when it changes much frequently then it is a problem. Fluctuating mood very quickly is something that signifies that everything is not well.

These are the signs and symptoms that signify that everything is not well. In case, you notice any of such kind of changes in you or someone close to you then it is better to consult a psychiatrist for the same because he is the only one who can provide the best assistance in this issue.

Why There is A Need to Consult Psychiatrist

depressionThe stress level in our life is increasing day-by-day. Distance from loved ones, hectic life schedule, and target based profession, there can be any reason for depression. Depression is nothing but a negative thought that suppresses our positive attitude. The best way to fight with depression is self-control on emotions. The case with depression went to worse when a person is totally unaware that he is suffering from such a problem. Depression is not a problem but not being unaware that you are suffering from it is. Whether it’s you or anyone closer to you, anyone who is suffering from depression can seem just normal to you.

When the person feels complete solitude from within he can even think to end up his life. Hence saying this that depression is so much harmful that it can even take lives would not be wrong. The best way to fight with depression is, knowing about its symptoms at the earliest. If you or anyone close to you is suffering from any of the problems that are mentioned below then it can be the sign of depression. Find out and consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

Feeling Low: If you are feeling low or having the feeling of negativity then this may be a sign of depression. If there is a reason for your thoughts then it is okay, but in case you are facing frequent mood swing without any reason then you may need to consult a psychiatrist for the same.

Having trouble in Sleeping: Insomnia is a sign of depression. If you are facing problem in sleeping then maybe it is because of depression. Normal restlessness is not a problem but if you are not getting proper sleep despite being in bed then it is a serious issue. Other than taking sleeping pills consulting psychiatrist is a good choice.

Stressed: Anxiety or stress whatever it may be, both of these are also signs of depression. If you get stressed in very small things nowadays then you are suffering from depression. Consult a psychiatrist to get the best treatment for this problem.

Persistent Headache: If you are suffering from a persistent headache for a longer time then it may be something serious. You must consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible to avoid any future complications.

Thoughts of Suicide: The worst phase of depression is when a person decides to end up his life. If you are also surrounded by such thoughts in life then it is may be the negativity. Consult a psychiatrist and get the best treatment.

In case you are suffering from any sort of change in your life then you must get the proper consultation for the same. The signs mentioned above will tell you that you really need psychiatric treatment. If you or anyone closer to you is suffering from these things then you must consult a psychiatrist for the same.

When There is a Need to Consult Psychiatrist

629600692-2Going to a psychiatrist does not really mean that you have some kind of mental disorder. It is really very normal to consult an expert over a situation that you are facing unusually. If you are facing sleeplessness, headache, or any other sort of unusual activity, then it is the time to consult someone who can take you out from it. Whenever we hear the word psychiatrist, we surround ourselves in the pre-conceived ideas. Psychiatrist means the doctor to treat the mental problem, isn’t it? Well, many of us think in the same manner, but it is not at all like this. He is not a doctor to treat mental patients, but the one that pacifies the waves of thoughts in mind.

In case you are also finding some unusual things in your life or unfamiliar thoughts in your mind that need a professional’s advice then it is much better to consult him on time then to regret in the last. If you or anyone close to you is facing any of the problems mentioned below, then definitely it is the time to consult a psychiatrist.

Death: Losing someone forever is the biggest loss in life. Death is an immortal truth and we need to accept it at any cost. Sometimes, we cannot come out of the illusion that a very important person in our life is no more. Accepting the fact that someone special is no more alive is tough. In such a situation there is a need of psychiatrist that can make us understand things well.

Stress and Anxiety: Stress and anxiety both are harmful to mental health. Getting too much stressed in the easy situation is something that can lead to social isolation. In order to pacify the emotions and mental balance in dealing with things, it is always better to sort out the problems at the earliest point only. If you are facing situations like this, then it’s better to pacify the things at the earliest point. Consulting a good psychiatrist at this point of time is really very much helpful.

Depression: Living in the world of pre-conceived idea is something that leads to depression. It is very much necessary to come out of the world of thoughts because a lot of negativity can also lead to consequences like suicide attempts. If you are noticing someone much closer to you, lost in the negative thoughts, then definitely consulting psychiatrist will bring back good results.

Phobia: Are you being afraid of things? Having a phobia of many things like height, fire, water, etc. is something very common. This is okay when the situation is normal, but when things go unmanaged then one need to consult the best psychiatrist for the same. These unwanted fears create sustainable problems in life.

Relationship Problems: One of the very common reasons why people face psychiatrist problem is relationship issue. Losing someone in life, breakups, heartbreaks are the reasons for depression. One can even take the extreme step of suicide if he has to fight with solitude by own. The best way to come out of it is by consulting an expert.

Addiction: Liking something is different and getting addicted to it is different. It is the high time to consult a psychiatrist if there is someone who is getting addicted to bad habits like smoking, drinking, eating disorders, sleeping problems etc. Only with the consultation of a good profession they can come out of the situation.

Mental Disorder: In this series mental disorder comes in the last, because it is not much complicated as other things. A patient who has lost his mental balance, and not in a condition in understanding the things, happening in and around, need the consultation of a doctor.

Consultation: Sometimes we are just stuck in our world of thoughts that we cannot manage to come out of it. Living in self-made thoughts always is a big problem. A person who is unable to cope up with the things happening in and around or is unable to understand the situations well, then it is the peak time to consult a professional for the better advice.

Sometimes it happens with us that we are unable to understand the things that we face in our life. It is not because we don’t want to understand, but it is because there are already many things in our hand that does not allow new thoughts to come in. In such kind of situation, consultation is much needed. In case you or anyone who is just close to you is facing such kind of situation, then it is better to take the advice of the best psychiatrist. There are many psychiatrists in Delhi who can help you recovering from several mental disorders and diseases. If you are looking for the best psychiatrist in Delhi then you can book the appointment with Dr. Shashi Bhushan at his website Dr. Shashi Bhushan is a renowned Consultant Neuropsychiatrist in Delhi.

10 Factors to Consider When Finding a Psychiatrist in Delhi

There are several people who are suffering from depression these days. Depression is just one area of mental health. And psychiatrists are medical doctors who have speciality in mental health not only in depression. A psychiatrist may specialize in depression. People suffering from depression issues can consult a psychiatrist to get rid of depression issues or managing the depression. There are several psychiatrists in Delhi to choose from. Here are 10 factors to consider when finding the best psychiatrist in Delhi.

  1. Getting recommendations from your doctor can be a good idea when it comes to choose the best psychiatrist in Delhi. Your doctor can be a great resource for recommendations as their patients often give them feedback on which psychiatrists are doing well. Most general practitioners or doctors have a list of their favorite psychiatrists whom they can suggest you. Get a referral letter from your general practitioner or doctor.
  1. Choosing from male or female psychiatrists. Make it clear to your doctor whether you prefer to go with male or female psychiatrist in Delhi. Make decision on your own to pick from male or female psychiatrists you can be comfortable with.
  1. Once you have got a referral, make an appointment by making a phone call to the psychiatrist’s office. Don’t be disheartened if you have to wait for several weeks prior to getting an appointment with a good psychiatrist in Delhi.
  1. You will have to engage yourself in a session of 1 hour with your psychiatrist on your first appointment. On first your first session the psychiatrist will ask you several questions so that he/she can better understand you and causes for your depression or other mental health issues.
  1. If you don’t feel comfortable with the psychiatrist in Delhi for any reason then you don’t need to feel obliged to see them again. You may consult with another psychiatrist in Delhi for your problem.
  1. If you are not satisfied with any psychiatrist or your psychiatrist is not listening to you then you don’t need to feel low. You should never give up your hope. There are several other renowned psychiatrists in Delhi. So go and consult someone else.
  1. Think about your privacy. If you are worried about privacy then it is advisable that you must tell your psychiatrist that any information you provide during an appointment should be private.
  1. Think about your budget. Cost is another factor to consider in finding the right psychiatrist in Delhi. Don’t hesitate to ask a psychiatrist in Delhi how much he/she charges. If you cannot afford the high cost of a private psychiatrist in Delhi then you may consider consulting a different one that can provide treatment for your budget. There are several good government hospitals in Delhi where you can find a good psychiatrist at affordable price or free of cost.
  1. Analyze what works best for you and managing your issues. Continue for more sessions which really good for you. Remember; without consulting a good psychiatrist in Delhi or taking proper medication you cannot expect for good result.
  1. It is very imperative to take advice of the best psychiatrist in Delhi you consult with. Remember, they are expert and you must obey them and take their advice properly. You must take proper medication what they advice you for the best result.

I hope, ideas aforementioned in this will help you significantly in finding a good psychiatrist in Delhi. Just keep these important factors in your mind, and I am sure that you will see a good result with a good psychiatrist in Delhi.