Make Life Logical – Live Life with a Calm Mind

Today mental illness is not an incurable disease. There are different types of rumours about this and the society should avoid these false things.

Broadly speaking, we also divide mental illness into two parts:

The first, which does not heal quickly. Whereas with the help of medicine, the life of the patient can be made easy.

In modern times, science has progressed so much that even the most severe mental patients can be kept fit to lead a systematic social and family life. For example, patients suffering from diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid etc.

Second, some mental illnesses are cured very quickly. Diseases of this category arise more than circumstances. Like death of a loved one, loss in business, betrayal in a relationship, natural calamity like corona etc.

Such patients are advised not to wander around and visit any psychiatrist on time. There will be treatment. Will be fine…

Change your thinking with time: First of all, it is important to understand some things:

Society uses any modern change only for profit. He always accepts change according to his own meaning. For example, mobile phones, smart TVs, many styles of fashion, etc., are included in their lives. But among other things carries thousands of years of tradition. It has a direct effect on personality.

Any kind of conflict affects your decision and its burden is carried by the poor mind and soul. Therefore, there is a direct insistence of science to make life logical.

Avoid vengeance. The Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi had four declared gurus. First, Rajchandra. Rajchandraji was a Jain monk. Gandhiji learned the importance of renunciation from Rajchandra.

The second teacher was the great Russian philosopher Leo Tolstoy, who convinced Gandhi that Baikuntha is within the mind and the third teacher was the English scholar Ruskin. It was he who gave Gandhi the infallible mantra of Sarvodaya.

The fourth was Gopal Krishna Gokhale. It was he who talked about understanding Gandhiji by roaming around India. Together these four created a personality like Gandhiji in the form of a great human being.

On the assassination of Gandhiji, the world’s great scientist Einstein said: “Generation to come will not believe that any flesh-and-bone effigy had done this.”

Avoid sheep, it simply means that do any work according to your need. Don’t just copy. Understand your need Sheep-walking means watching someone. Don’t walk according to your needs. Simply copying. This tendency makes you financially bankrupt mentally. Its biggest impact is on your mental health.

Today urban society is coping with more than mental stress. Although there are mental difficulties in rural society too, but there daily needs are very limited. Mostly nuclear families live in cities. There is no one to give strong support in any adverse situation.

As a result, a person gets nervous about small problems. This has a direct effect on the mental health of the head of the household.

Make patience your best friend. There is an old saying: Rome was not built in a day, nowadays the youth are in a bit of a hurry. They want to become millionaires overnight and the biggest side effect of this is on mental health. So, start life with a solid plan to ensure success. One can be deceived in haste and anyone can become a victim of unnecessary mental stress.


Always keep in mind that mental toughness is the most important thing to be successful in any mission in life. All the struggles of life are won only by mental power. Physical strength lags behind. Do not waste your time wandering here and there for any mental problem.

This is the modern era. Like other things, make yourself a mentor to keep mental health in balance. Get in touch with any psychiatrist and let him know about your mental problems from time to time. His one small recipe is enough to change a life.

Many people live under the illusion that mental illness means insanity. While it is in the same way that the cause of every fever is not only TB or serious disease. Fever is a similar disease. Only one in hundreds has TB. Similarly, mental trouble is not just insanity.

Corona epidemic has spoiled everyone’s financial condition, so don’t be disturbed by thinking, be patient and try to live life with a calm mind. Time will change. Then you will be able to achieve a new height.

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