What are the symptoms of a panic disorder and how to handle it?

panic disorder

It is known that panic disorder is today suffered by at least 3 percent of the population in which women are in the majority as compared to men. Panic disorder develops when an individual faces panic attacks continuously. Here, the person lives in a constant fear of having a panic attack and there are other reasons as well. Usually, a person suffers panic attack just a few times in his/her whole lifetime but if you are suffering from the panic disorder then the frequency of it might be more. To gain information on the symptoms of panic disorder, you may go through the following-

Symptoms of panic disorder

  • Suddenly feeling cold or having hot flashes for no reasons
  • Tightness in the throat or having short breaths
  • Having severe and sudden chest pain
  • Tight cramping in the abdomen
  • Headache that goes beyond your bearing power
  • Having numbness in body or a tingling sensation
  • Suddenly shaking to trembling due to fear
  • Fearing death and thinking that everything is apocalyptic
  • Racing heartbeat, dizziness and fainting
  • Feeling a loss of control over life and everything related
  • Nausea and easiness

So, if you notice all the above mentioned symptoms then you should understand that you might get a panic attack or you are suffering from a panic disorder.

Tips to handle a panic attack

  • Gain knowledge- The first and foremost step that you must take is to gain knowledge about your disorder. You should be knowing the causes and symptoms of this disorder, so that it is easy for you understand what you are actually going through. While gaining knowledge about it, you will understand that in a fear of getting a panic attack, you tend to develop more anxiety and fear, which is not good for your health. It is better to not avoid it but face it. After you have understood what actually a panic disorder is and why you are facing it, you will be able to treat yourself better. Rest, taking help from the best psychiatrist will also help.
  • Learn triggers- You should know what actually triggers you and you get panic attack. The health experts say that excessive sounds and sights usually trigger the attack and the sufferer gets disturbed. Also, in many cases, enclosed spaces, financial stress, crowd stuffed places and other congested location can be a great cause of this attack. So, if you know that it is due to crowd that you get a panic attack then you are suggested not to go to any crowded place.
  • Accept it- After you have understood the panic disorder that you are suffering from and have also made yourself aware of the triggers, you should accept it. Yes, you heard it right! You should accept your disorder and the way you are. Just remember that you are not the only one who is suffering from this disorder, in fact there are many who are suffering from the same. So, you should accept and give time to yourself. With proper medication and the guidance of the best psychiatrist in Delhi, you will be able to cope up with this disorder.
  • Calm breathing- You should try to breathe calmly. When a patient gets a panic attack, he/she tends to breathe heavy which in further gives a rise to the anxiety. So, it is highly important that you breathe calmly to control the panic attack and prevent the situation from worsening.
  • Inhaling lavender- If you did not know this till now then know it now. Lavender has long been in use to relax the muscles and relieve anxiety in a person. So, you should keep lavender essential oil with you and inhale it when you have a panic attack. For sure, it will relieve your stress and will improve your health. The best part is that lavender oil comes handy and you can carry it event to your work and wherever you go.

Thus, you should accept your disorder because you will be able to start with its treatment only after you have accepted it fully. To get your disorder treated, you can reach your nearest psychiatrist. You should be smart enough to hire the best psychiatrist in Delhi, so that you get the best treatment. Make sure that the psychiatrist is renowned and is known for offering treatment for different kinds of mental disorders.  Also, the psychotherapist should hold a record of treating hundreds of patients and should have carried out the treatments successfully. Once you have found that one best psychiatrist in Delhi, you do not have to worry about your disorder. You can expect to receive the best treatment and lead a normal and a healthier life. So, get on with the right psychiatrist and feel better!