6 Early Symptoms of Dementia or Memory Loss

Dementia or memory loss is a very common mental health problem which is affecting many a people nowadays. There can be variety of reasons for the disease. It can be caused due to depression, anxiety, or due to age as well. Other than going for the causes for the disease it is required that one should scan the symptoms for the same so that, timely treatment for the same could be given.

For understanding a disease better, it is required that one should closely scan the symptoms for the same so that the timely treatment should be given. We are here mentioning six early symptoms of dementia or memory loss that would help a person about the same.

Short Term Memory Changes: Short term memory change is one amongst the most common symptom of dementia. In this case a person remembers things only for a shorter duration of time and then forgets about it.

Difficulty Finding Right Words: When a person finds it difficult to find the right words then also it signifies that he is suffering from some sort of memory loss. It is always a clear sign that would tell that something is not right.

Mood Changes: Constant mood change is also a sign of dementia. If a person is very frequently switching to different moods then it means that his concentration is not good and he is mentally disturbed. It can be a sign of dementia.

Apathy: Tend to cut off from social circle can also be a sign of apathy. This is something that could make a person to forget about the love, affection and care he got from his loved ones.

Difficulty Completing Normal Task: Even for completing the normal tasks if a person is facing problem then it is a problem. This is a sign of early dementia.

Confusion:  Always confused with the things. A person who is suffering from dementia often gets confused with the normal things. A person, who may no longer remember faces, could not get the right words and always gets confused may be suffering from the early stage of dementia.

Consult a good doctor for dementia treatment in Delhi NCR if you or someone close to you is suffering from the disease. This is an illness that requires timely treatment else things can become worst.