How to Self-Help When Suffering from Bipolar Anxiety Disorder

bipolar anxiety disorderMood swing or bipolar anxiety disorder is actually becoming a very serious issue. Extreme pressure of life makes a person to lose his concentration over things and due to this sometimes he also reacts and overreacts for the same. This mood swing is common amongst people nowadays but when it reaches to its extreme level then it really needs a proper treatment. In most of the cases people take mood swing casually but it should not be done like this.

A serious attention is required for the same and more than that, a proper treatment. A self motivated person can only fight with the disease. We are in this article, going to tell you as how you can help yourself when you find that you are suffering from bipolar anxiety disorder.

Learn and Research: Educating yourself about the disease is always required when you really want to come out of the same. Learn and research about the signs, symptoms because these are few of the things that would help you to understand the disease and come out of it.

Exercise: A regular exercise would keep your body moving and hence you can reduce the number of bipolar episodes. Aerobic exercise that activates arm and leg movement such as running, walking, swimming, dancing, climbing or drumming may be especially beneficial to your brain and nervous system.

Try Yoga and Meditation: It has been always found that yoga and exercise helps a person to find the peace of mind and also helps in enhancing the concentration. There cannot be any good treatment than yoga and meditation for bipolar anxiety disorder.

Maintain Social Circle: The first sign of mental disorder or depression is that, a person suffering from the same tries to cut off from his social circle. Don’t do this, instead try to maintain a social circle and meet up with loved ones regularly.

Monitor Mood Swings: And lastly, to control bipolar anxiety disorder, you gave to monitor your mood swing. This is required as it would help you to get the best treatment and that too in the proper time.

So, these are few of the best points and tips from our side that would help you to self-help when suffering from bipolar anxiety disorder. Consulting a good and experienced doctor in Delhi for bipolar anxiety disorder treatment is always the best way to deal with the disease.

How to Deal when Someone in Family is Suffering from Depression

family-planninDepression is not a disease but it is a thought of mind that makes a person alone and unhappy too. A person when suffers from depression tends to lose interest on everything and everyone near to him. Depression is definitely a thing that needs a proper care, cure and attention. If it goes to the extreme condition then one can even lose his life, hence the best way to save someone from depression is the timely detection and treatment too.

If there is someone in your family, whom you think is suffering from depression then first of all, you should give timely treatment and should also try finding out the reason behind that. We are here in this article, going to tell you few of the ways that you should handle someone in your family, who is suffering from depression.

Talk: If you are finding someone in your family who has got sudden behaviour change then depression can be one amongst the reasons for that. First of all, you should talk and discuss what is going wrong. In the case of depression people tend to keep them in solitude and this is what worsens the case, if you really wish your loved ones to remain healthy and happy then first of all, you should talk to them in this concern.

Include: The second thing that you can do in this regard is that, you should include them in every decision. They should not feel avoided just because they are suffering from the thoughts in their mind. The best way to make them deal with depression is this only that you should include them in all the important and not so important decisions and discussions of family.

Consult Doctor: You should never take depression casually because it is a very serious disease. Consulting a psychiatrist and that too in time is always required if you really wish to save your loved ones from this mental condition.

Taking care of family members in every situation is your responsibility. If you find that they are not in the proper condition of mind because of depression, you should not avoid them but tend to remain with them always. Timely advice of psychiatrist for depression treatment would always bring the good results.

How to Handle a Bad Phase in Relationship

Being in a relationship is definitely one amongst the best feeling in one’s life. When a person gets engaged with someone he creates his own life of fantasy. In our life we want someone with whom we could share our goods, bads and also each and every phase of our life. But, unfortunately every dream that we see does not turn into reality and this is what goes with relationship as well.  Broken relationship, heartbreaks these are as real as relationships and most of the people have to go through this phase of life either willingly or unwillingly.

A bad phase of relationship is though a tough period of life but there is no skip but the person has to face it in any cost and in any way. If you or someone close to you is going through the same then in this article we are going to tell as how this bad phase of relationship can be eradicated. Here are few of the tips that would help you in handling the bad phase of life and relationship.

Speak Out Emotions: The more you would hide feelings within yourself the more you would be hurt. If you are going with something bad in your life and relationship then you should speak with someone reliable and trustworthy about the same. Maybe they will not give you a way out but it would relief you from pain a bit.

Travel: Traveling is the best way to forget you. If you really had something bad in your relationship and want to come out of that then give yourself time and travel. Go to a place where you have never been to and definitely this would help you to forget the pain of life.

Engage Yourself: The more you would engage yourself in a work the easily you would forget the bad things. Engage and indulge yourself in hobby or activity because this is going to help you in forgetting the things that were not happening well in your life.

Consult a Psychiatrist: And, if despite all the best efforts from your side, you are not able to get relief from the pain that your broken relationship has given you then the last option which is there for you is to consult a psychiatrist. A timely consultation can help you to come out of this complication of life well.

So, these are few of the ways that you can implement to get out from the stress of a bad relationship. Follow the tips and for sure you can handle the pain in the best manner.

A D Patient talks about how to overcome depression

If Deepika Padukone who had a lot at stake could come out in open, so can I. The best thing you can do is to not be judgmental but if you can’t help it then request you to keep your judgement to yourself. Your one remark can pull one down for a long time, can throw one away many steps behind that were painstakingly taken. Man, it takes lot of efforts. Imagine someone all broken and bandaged and carrying on with work and life, sometimes the bandages fall off.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that at least 99% of the people don’t understand what dealing with depression is..but here are little ways one can help..

1. Understand depression is due to chemical imbalance in brain and not due to lack of positivity or willpower of the sufferer. Mine happened due to chronic pain.

2. If you don’t have anything positive to say to a person suffering from depression, or are about to say something negative, then please don’t speak only. Your words can take a person with mental illness to such an abyss that you cannot imagine.

3. Please don’t ask a D person to leave medication. Will you ask a person suffering from jaundice, kidney problem, typhoid, dengue to leave medication and instead go for a movie or ask him to show professionalism or dedication at work? ( This is a thought in general; I am lucky to have a wonderful set of colleagues)

4. Please don’t advise casual sex, marriage, masturbation and orgasm as the treatment. They can’t work.

5. Don’t say that you cannot be depressed because you were just laughing and are lively, jovial, positive person etc. Sometimes even terminally sick patients laugh, then why not others? And sometimes you laugh genuinely and sometimes you pretend. Also read about masked depression.

6. People with depression not even communicate 10% of what is going inside or how they are feeling. So please don’t add to their pressure or say something nasty to them.

7. Don’t call them weak or say they don’t have willpower. Understand they have lot of strength else they wouldn’t be carrying on and use much more energy to do just common tasks.

8. Please don’t say that they are playing victims or need to get out of their comfort zone. The truth is that depression is terrible, complex and tough to understand even for those who have it. No one enjoys it.

9. Don’t insist that the D person attends all your invites, but don’t give up on him at the same time.

10. They feel far worse for not delivering and get hit much much harder than a normal person every time they are not able to perform, so don’t call them a slacker please. They miss their efficient self, terribly.

11. Don’t play a doctor to them. Sorry, you are not qualified. Do them a favour and send them to a good psychiatrist instead.

12. Oh and please don’t say, look at the underprivileged instead, consider yourself lucky… It feels like shit and serves no use too.

13. Understand that depression causes physical symptoms too, much like any other illness. Their pain is real.

And no, we are not perpetually in Meena Kumari mode.

It is time to break the taboo around mental diseases, in any case 36% of the Indians are depressed as per reports and this percentage could be much higher, just that most of them are living in denial. Am sure 90% of people undergoing depression would feel that hardly anyone understands them or the illness. I have only met one person so far who totally understands it ( rather better than I do) and is guiding me to health.

Author: This post has been written by a  patient of Sri Ganesh Psychiatrist Clinic.

How the Depression in Women Could be Treated in Better Way

depressed-womanDepression in women is more common as compared to men. As they are deep thinkers and the worst analyzer of things, sometimes they create issues when there is no requirement too, and this is happens with the state of depression as well. They take small things so seriously that end up the situation with depression. Well, it is really a serious issue and concern for every woman, a timely treatment is all what is required for the same. If you know a woman who is suffering from the same then in this very informative article, we are going to highlight the most important points and tips that have to be followed to cure the depression in women.

Talk Face to Face to a Good Listener: The more you keep thoughts in your mind the more you would struggle for the same. It is required to speak up for the things that are running on your mind. The best way to do it is to talking face to face to a good listener. This would give ultimate relief.

Try to Keep Social Activities Up: Even if you do not like that but to keep the things in the best order, you should keep up the social activities up. Whether, it’s getting intact in social media or social gathering; your gathering with a good circle would help to come out of the same.

Do Exercise: Exercise would definitely help you out in curing this state of mind when you are struggling with deep thoughts of yours. You should do the exercises regularly and it would keep your body and mind fresh.

Get Little Sunlight Everyday: Sunlight is the sign of positivity. Darkness depicts negativity. If you are suffering from such a phase of mind when you feel surrounded by many negative thoughts then it would be a great idea to get little sunlight every day, this would perfectly help you out in coming from the same.

Sleep for At least 8 Hours: At least eight hours of sleep is necessary to get a complete relaxation of mind. To fight with the thoughts within, it is necessary to give a relaxation to mind.

Consult a good psychiatrist for depression treatment in Delhi for the timely assistance for the same. It’s better to be early than to regret for the things when nothing would be left.

4 Things That Will Happen When You Will Stop Drinking Alcohol

stop-drinking-alcohol1Alcohol is a very serious issue and concern of the present time. This has become a problem of youth and a problem of all the generations of course. Men and women are both in the cuff of alcohol today. Well, starting this bad habit is not difficult but leaving it needs strong will power and self control. While you start drinking alcohol, your body experiences sudden changes and this is what happens when you leave it as well.

There are many changes that you would find in your body as soon as you leave alcohol, well they all are for good so don’t worry. To make you understand the things in a better way and a better perspective, we are here presenting four such things and changes that you would face when you would stop drinking alcohol.

Sound Sleep: The very prominent change that you would notice the moment you would quit alcohol is that, you would get sound sleep. A comfortable good night sleep is all we want and it is best possible when you are not high. The moment you would start enjoying your sleep the moment you would be happy you are no more alcoholic.

Less Intake in Dinner: Alcohol is the biggest driver of excess food and this is what researches have figured out. The moment you would quit alcohol, you will find that you are having a less intake in dinner and this would ultimately help you in coming to shape and of course to be healthy.

Clear Complexion: One magical benefit of leaving alcohol that you would find is that, you would get a clear complexion. Within a month of leaving the same, you could find the difference.

More Money:  And, of course the but obvious benefit of leaving alcohol is that you would be left with more money. You would not spend money on alcohol so ultimately you would have more money by your side.

These are few benefits of leaving alcohol. There is a life beyond alcohol and this is what it would be life full of happiness and love. Quit alcohol and if anyone close to you is alcoholic then help him to quit the same. Consulting a good doctor for alcohol treatment would also be a great step.

Situations When You Really Need to Consult a Psychiatrist

As per the life schedule of present time stress is something much common which could be found in everyone. Stress is something that invites many diseases and sometimes it cab be lifetaking as well. Stress is itself a disease and needs timely care and treatment as well. Going to psychiatrist does not means that you are suffering from some kind of mental illness but sometimes it could be something that can take you to the right way of life. There are certain times when we just need an advice and right things and solutions come.

If you are feeling like something unusual is happening in your life and there is a need to have the psychiatrist consultation in the same. In case, you actually cannot make out whether you really need to consult psychiatrist or not then we are here mentioning such situations that would help you know that you actually need to.

Sleeping Problems: In case you are facing problems in sleeping then it suggests that there is something in your life which is not well. If this is the situation for a day or two then it is bearable but in case, it happens for a longer period of time then it needs treatment.

Persistent Headache: If a person is having continuous headache and that too happening for a very longer period of time then certainly you need to consult a doctor. This signifies that you are facing some psychiatric problem which needed to be treated as early as possible.

Feeling Low: In case you are feeling low without any reason or not well from a long time then you need to consult a psychiatrist. Even in case, you are going through some sort of stress in your life then also bearing the things or remaining in the same situation for a long time is not fair and if thing continues it is better to consult psychiatrist.

Stressed: If you are stressed of something and that too from a longer period of time then certainly you need a doctor. They are the best consultants you would ever find and definitely their advice would make you to come out of the stress.

These are few of the situations that may describe that you need to consult a psychiatrist to get Over these problems. If this are the things happening to you or to anyone close to you then do consult the doctor as early as possible.

3 Best and Natural Ways to Treat Depression

When a person is depressed, it may make him feel helpless as well. Depression is not the end but people don’t realize this. It is the strong will power only that could help a person to come out from the unwanted mental stress. People do go with therapy and sometimes medications as well, when they are suffering from depression. But, until and unless they make themselves more strong to resist the things and to come out of it, they cannot make.

Coming out of depression depends much on the person himself. For those who are undergoing the unwanted stress of depression; we are here telling the three best and of course the natural ways that they should follow in order to come out from the unwanted stress of life.

Get in Routine: When people are depressed, it shows from their activity of withdrawal. If you don’t want to be in the cuff of depression any more, then try to get back into your routine as early as possible. This is the best way for you to fight with the unwanted stress.

Set Goals: Set goals for life because nothing better than this can help you get away from the stress that is surrounding you unwanted. You should set up your goals and routine for the day. The more focussed you would be, the more your thoughts would be free and you can get out from the depression for sure.

Exercise and Eat Healthy: Doing exercise on regular basis is necessary because this is something that keeps the brain in working mode. People do skip their meals when they are depressed and the best way to come out from this is to eat and drink healthy. Though there is no magic diet to treat depression but it is a good idea to watch what you eat. So for the better convenience of everything keep a watch on your routine and also on the things that you are eating.

Though the advice of psychiatrist is always required and it is only the timely consultation of a doctor that could give the best results. But, along with everything else one could have a strong will power because it is only with the self-esteem that one could win the world and depression is only a small thing.

Signs of Mental Illness in Children

Children_s mental health mattersMental illness in adults could be spotted easily but in case of children, it really becomes one amongst the toughest tasks to understand and to figure out as well. It is really one of the toughest tasks to know about the mental condition of children because in most of the cases they are not much mature to express the feelings of their heart. Parents or guardians are required to understand their mental health condition and need to figure out if everything is right or not. For the concerned parents who really wish to know if everything which is happening their with their child is right or not, we are here providing with few very important signs and symptoms that would clearly define the mental health condition of a child.

Anxiety Disorder: This is one amongst the most significant thing that could help a parent to understand that everything which is happening is not good. Children who have anxiety disorders — such as obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder — experience anxiety as a persistent problem that interferes with their daily activities.

Eating Disorder: Have you always been noticing changes in the eating habit of your child or you have noticed it just recently. Eating disorder is a clear sign for the parents to know that everything which is happening with their child is not going right at all. This definitely needs a timely treatment or else one has to regret for the same in the future.

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This condition typically includes symptoms in three categories: difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour. Some children with ADHD have symptoms in all of these categories, while others may have symptoms in only one.

Mood Disorder: A fluctuation in the mood of the child is also a sign to know that everything which is happening with him is not right. If your child tends to change his mood much frequently then definitely there is something which is not right.

In case you notice any of these things, signs and symptoms with your child then you should consult a child psychiatrist immediately. It is required that one should take timely action so that things may be resolved properly.

How to Make Make Marriage Life Better

vashikaran6There are many things that comes in a man’s mind when he is getting married. Everyone has so many expectations from the same, but not every time the things happen the way we want it to happen. There are so many people round there who are not satisfied with their life after marriage and desperately want to fix the problems. Understanding and living with a stranger definitely creates problems in life but the best way to come out from this is to discuss. The more you will discuss things the easier it would become for you to handle everything.

Of course, complications arise when you get married to a stranger but fighting with the same in the positive manner is the solution ,and not running with the problem. If you or someone who is close to your heart is facing any sort of problems in married life then here are few of the better ideas from our side that would help you in making marriage life better.

Discuss Problems: Only both of you can reach to a positive conclusion of the things that are happening by. It would be better that if you share the issues with one another and discuss the things so that, you may reach to a positive conclusion of everything. If you really want a solution of the problem then it will come only with discussion.

Keep Things Personal: It is always a better idea not to discuss your personal problem with everyone. Only both of you can understand the things happening in your relation because you are facing it ever day. Expecting everyone to think in the way, like you think is not a great idea and by the end it would bring only confusions and would bring more problems as well.

Consult Psychiatrist or Marriage Counselor: If, in case despite all your efforts nothing good is coming out from your discussion and efforts and go to the experts and take their suggestions. There are marriage counselor and psychiatrist who can give you better suggestions to fight with the issues.

Problems in marriage are not mental problems but they all are part and parcel of it. If it is normal then things are okay but in case things are getting out of control then in the situations like that, you always need the experts by your side. The suggestion and advice from professionals would always lead your way. Making marriage life better is dependent on the understanding and efforts of the two individuals. If things are not working properly then discuss, else you have to face the bad results of the same by the end.