Do You Have Social Anxiety Disorder or Are You Just Shy?

Do you avoid meeting new people? Are you afraid of being judged? Do you feel anxious or nervous while attending social gatherings? If you are facing these problems for a longer period of about six months or more and it is hampering your everyday tasks then you might have social anxiety disorder. However, some people … Read more

How a Psychiatrist Can Help You Cope with Mental Health Issues


Seeking professional help or visiting a doctor for mental health issues is still a social taboo. Many individuals hesitate to seek professional help for the treatment of mental health just because of social taboo. However, ignoring mental health issues can lead to serious problems. Individuals must not overlook any signs of mental issues. The importance … Read more

Understanding the Impact of Childhood Trauma on Mental Health


Childhood experiences, which include youth, education, and development, have a significant impact on a person’s life. Sadly, traumatic events during this period can have enduring effects on mental health.  Understanding these impacts is crucial for fostering empathy, providing effective support, and promoting healing. Long-term mental health disorders like PTSD, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse can … Read more