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Consultant Neuropsychiatrist & Deaddiction Specialist

When should you contact A mental Health Professional :

  1. Are you feeling low for last few days?
  2. Are you stressed?
  3. Are you repeating same work, counting, checking, having doubts in any work, image in mind?
  4. Are you having trouble in sleeping?
  5. Are you having persistent headache for long time?
  6. Are you having fear of closed space and episode of palpitation?
  7. Do you always remain worried about self, future and family?
  8. Are you having idea of committing suicide?
  9. If anyone in family is having odd talk or behaviour.
  10. If anyone have change in usual odd behavior pattern.


I, Dr. Shashi Bhushan Kumar, M.B.B.S; M.D. (Psychiatry), just, wish to share some deep and memorable experience of my eventful three decades journey. Indeed, in this cyber era and on this information highway, we are all together like a big family. I was born in a farmer family in Bihar. My motherland is one of the biggest cultural heritage places not just in India, but in the entire world. Buddha attained enlightenment here only and lord Mahaveer, also, attained salvation in this holy land. World's first residential University, Nalanda, is the symbol of this very geographical area. I consider myself fortunate that I was born in this sacrosanct place. My sagacity grew with growing age and the profession of medicine seemed to me like a divine and the noblest of profession...Read More


Do you belong to mass who have fix notion about psychiatrist or certainly a person who have accommodative thinking and flexibility in approach towards life.

Do you also consider that a psychiatrist is a doctor who treat only insane or mad people ?

Are you having notion that psychiatric disorders are untreatable?


Psychiatric disorder is treatable disorder, accept it and look forward to come out of mental agony. Destigmatize it, find out devoted & considerate professional to be free of mental agony.

Are you aware about severity of morbidity caused by psychiatric disorder ?

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